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NSW Bike colour recorded on RMS database?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by CrazyCam, Oct 21, 2015.

  1. Hi folks.
    AFAIK, the colour of a bike isn't listed on the NSW rego paper, but I am curious if it is held some place, so that when the cops read the licence plate, their system tells them it should be, for example, a red and black Kawasaki or whatever.

    A couple of my mates reckon that the colour is held someplace, but, in the past, I have had bikes totally repainted in different colours and never had to officially tell anyone.
  2. Yes, vehicle registration contains the colour code(s) of vehicle. If you change colours, you should visit a registration office, fill out a form and that its. Its just a formality so when the police pull you over all the details match.
  3. Thanks for that, Mouth.

    It was a few years ago that I had my RZ250 resprayed PINK! and, at the time, I did ask at the rego. office is I had to do anything, and the lassie at the counter told me, no, I didn't.

    <shrug> Just another of those deals where the folk working there don't know all the rules.

    Is this colour code publicly available?

    I must admit that I never had any run-ins with the cops on the PINK! bike, but, when you ride as bright a pink bike as that was, you do need to lead a blameless life. ;-)
  4. I just ran a few NSW motorbike numberplates ( obtained from photos) through the free NSW Rego check system. Most entries contain the bikes colour. One had an entry of unknown.

    In Victoria the free rego check also gives the bikes colour. Not too sure about other States.

    [ you beat me too it cjvfrcjvfr ]
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  5. It's definitely on Tassie rego papers hence their database, I'm surprised it's not on the NSW papers. A quick search didn't come up for NSW saying "thou must inform the RMS", however it was mentioned in some QLD and Vic government threads.

    I know on some cars the VIN numbers included the colour code, but searching my Suzuki Bandit I've found out the colour is not recorded anywhere on the bike, only the Owner's Manual, though there is a big database back in Japan.

    In the locally produced cop shows (Highway Patrol, RBT etc), they seem to know from their in-vehicle checks what make and colour the cars they are pulling over are suppose to be, I'd be pretty surprised if it is not shown.

    There is a RMS form for change of details that seems to be catch-all for everything: http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/documents/about/forms/45070212-adjustment-of-records.pdf