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Bike cleaning adventure.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Guru, May 20, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone. Seeing as I have not cleaned my bike at all this year, along with giving it the usual soapy water scrub over, I thought I'd go all out and clean the whole bike. And I mean the WHOLE bike. Currently my trusy GS looks like such, with all fairings (front and rear removed). Im going to get all the dirt and grime out of the inside of the fairings and clean the frame from the inside.


    Ive been scrubbing the engine pipe and hoses with steel wool to remove built up grime and in some spots, some light rust, but had one question. Can I use my high pressure hose in the areas I've circled below to give the inside of the engine a good clean or am I going to damage something (obviously making sure I dont go destroying the cables and wires) I can dirt has built up in the crevices

    Pic 1 ( front end of engine)


    Pic 2 ( rear of engine and under the tank sort of)


    Pic 3 (the area the chain sits on)


    Any tips, do's and donts would be great!
  2. some chain cleaner near the chain will work wonders, or an alloy wheel cleaner, just dont get any of that on your chain.

    I cant help with the pressure cleaning though.
  3. All you need to clean is degreaser/kero, a small brush (toothbrush or similar), and a rag. A corona also works well :p
  4. motul 'wash n wax' cleans most surfaces pretty damn well i've found. motul chain clean or kero will do all the chain gunk build-up. might as well clean your chain whilst you're there, and lube it up after. heard brake cleaner works wonders on engine blocks, specially the bug/roadkill on the bottom up front, its cooked on well lol. and some scrubbing and repeat. i just used a high pressure hose on my bike, just avoid sensitive areas like any rubber seal (shocks, spark plug covers), and any other enterance like up the exhaust, or in the keyhole.

    pics once you're done! :]
  5. A high-pressure hose is more trouble than it's worth. It _will_ get in somewhere you don't want it.

    A toothbrush, degreaser and trickle hose are your best bet.
  6. For you or on the bike?
  7. kero on a $2 spray bottle from kmart.. spray on. let it sit for a min. spray some more then use toothbrush / small plastic brush. rinse with onother good spray then wash off with whatever you wash the bike with..
    kero is everything safe.
  8. I use a high pressure spray as the first pass cleaning of my bike all the time. I just use it very carefully, and only on areas and parts that can take the force. I even use a bit of degreaser on the safe areas, like the front and underneath of the engine. Never on the chain.

    I do use the spray on the chain guide, but very very carefully, and never spray the chain itself. This means I can't get all the grains of dirts off the area shown in Pic 3, but it is a start.

    But that just removes the big stuff. Then you need to start actually cleaning it, as per above.
  9. Best to check out nice2Bnaked's piece that is now a sticky.
    Best cleaning write up I have yet to see, says me with the Viffer unwashed for the Winter sitting in the garage!!

  10. Either. And yes to the lime :wink: