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Bike choice?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pbbtm11, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. Hi riders
    I decided to upgrade from my 250 taiwanese scooter. Currently looking at ninja 650rl, suzuki gs500&gs500f, honda vtr250(dont know if it's enough for highway since it's 250). I ride my mate's ninja 250and yamaha r3 for a while and didnt like the sporty position. Would like to have a bike with comfy position for daily 40km commute trip to work/school and also some passing/merging power on highway. I'm 5'10'' 80kg with gears. Any information would be appreciated( fuel/service cost, pro&cons? price? owners experience ?etc)

  2. Of those my recommendation would be the 650RL, will give you the best power, cruising options on that commute, drop 3 teeth on the rear sprocket will improve highway riding and fuel economy without sacrificing too much low range, common mod up here for our 130kmh highway speed limit on nearly all the Kawasaki 650 L class, i.e. Versys, Ninja and ER6.
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  3. 650rl for sure mate
  4. Ride them all, buy the one you like the most.
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  5. Boring!

    To the op, go the kwaka 650, it's best suited to your needs and it's a great bike to boot
  6. If you find test riding bikes boring then I feel truly sorry for you.

    Just because a bike is best suited to someone's needs doesn't mean they'll enjoy riding it.
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  7. It's the truth. But wouldn't it be groovy if we could, "Buy them all, ride the one you like the most"?
  8. That's the dream......
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  9. 650 if you want safe overtaking power above 100. Even the GS struggles.
    A 250/300 will happily cruise along at 120 and top out ~170 but you need to plan ahead, don't expect to pull away without changing down 2 gears.

    Service costs and fuel economy will be pretty similar for a single/twin and quite cheap if you do it yourself. Plan on 6l/100, $40 + $15 filter oil every 5k, $150 chain every 20k. You main expense will be rego and insurance (particularly comprehensive).
  10. I find that comment boring, not the test riding of bikes. It's become such a generic and tedious answer to these 'which bike' threads. Why not give advice based on personal experience or give an opinion based on the OP's info outside of 'test ride and see what fits'? Not trying to pick on you either, it's just my bug bear
  11. Because my personal experience has shown that my personal experience counts for precisely shit when someone is looking for a bike they'll enjoy riding.

    But, if you really insist. Don't buy a cruiser, they are uncomfortable, slow, ill handling pieces of shit. If you're a learner, don't buy a new bike because you'll invariable drop it off the side or centre stand. Don't buy anything under 400cc, particularly if you want to keep up with the traffic at highway speeds for prolonged periods of time. If you're a learner, don't get a bike with a shit turning circle. If you're short, don't buy a bike with a tall or wide seat or controls that are a long way forward. If your tall, don't buy a bike with a 'short' seat/handlebar/peg ratio.

    Of the 3 he's mentioned, I'd get the GS500. Why? Because it fits me better. Yes I've ridden all 3. The VTR is too small and slow, the Ninja is just plain uncomfortable, which leaves the relatively boring GS500.

    My bug bear is people asking "Which bike should I get?", because the answer is always "the one you enjoy riding the most".
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  12. I'm way too tall for there to be a good comparison with the op. I agree on the VTR though. Did the learners course on one and pretty much thought "great bike - just needs to be bigger, and at least 500cc. The you could've sold me one on the day.
  13. A persons first bike also means nothing. It just needs to serve it's purpose, which is to be easy to ride so they can pass their various tests so they can then start experiencing a wider range of bikes so they can get the bike the really want.
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    I've got a CB400 for a 50km round trip to and from uni. The seating position is very upright, especially on 2014 onwards models, perfect for filtering, happy on the highway for short-ish bursts, 300km to a tank if you ride it like granny, 250km if you prefer VTEC (I'd rather stab myself in the balls then spend the trip on the 400 in 6th). Service is ~$250 every 6K kms, comparatively expensive bike to buy, pretty well made, sounds good, no problems to report yet.
  15. If you are riding highway, don't buy a 250.
  16. The BMW g310r is something new this year
  17. just called my current insurance company(NRMA), used ninja650rl comprehensive would cost me around $1800 while gs500 cost me $1100
  18. Try Qbe mate
  19. And don't be afraid to negotiate either. Shop around and tell them the best price you've been offered and see if they'll come down.

    I have two houses, car, bike all insured with the same company for years and even after they say thank you for all the business I give them they still go high on the first quote.
  20. gonna try to test ride them for sure
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