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Bike chains and locks

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vanman37, Jul 5, 2007.

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    Don't want to contribute to any paranoid feelings and all........


  2. As the owner of a Krypto EV New Yorker Chain, this upsets me. I try to keep my chain up off the ground a fair bit to stop this though.

    That said I have had a bike stolen following the defeat of Krypto Kr2 Chains (cheaper ones). Not sure how long it took them though.
  3. not too encouraging seeing that.

    Hopefully i've got enough discouragement however in the fact that i use a front wheel disc lock and chain the rear wheel with a Kryptonite new york which has obstacles on all sides reducing possible leverage distance (parked between 2 concrete pillars, and chained in a confined space between car and bike)

    i've already lost one bike so maybe i'll have to invest in a paging alarm too :shock:

    Bloody inconsiderate thieving bastards :evil:
  4. I think the reality is that you can never make a bike completely secure when confronted by a truly determined thief.

    I have a Magnum Cable Lock attached to my rear wheel and a ground anchor, but my main reason for it is to stop the opportunistic thief or drunk idiot who may spot the bike while passing by.

    They should bring back public floggings for property crime.
  5. i know chains and padlocks seem like a great idea to most, hell its things like this that keep money flowing into my pocket, without it i would have no job, truth of the matter is doesn't matter what kind of lock you are using, they are only a deterant, and designed to keep the honest people out, and to show physical attack in the event it gets busted.

    the only real security anyone can have is *plays the broken record* full comp insurance

    lets just say i can get my hands on a pick that is capable of unlocking a gem lock, (tubular key) used in disc locks vending machines, that will literally open the lock in less then 5 seconds, we have laws in aus preventing none licensed persons from obtaining these locksmith specific tools, the problem however is that other then britain no other country does
  6. Forget alarms, they're worthless apart from for waking up the neighbours every time a possum farts within 50 metres of your bike.

    Big chain and padlock for preference, ideally attached to something immovable. Like a 7 metre croc.

    A good quality disc lock will stop your bike being rolled and should discourage the opportunist. Easier to stash as well. No defence against a van though.

    I know it's selfish, but always parking next to an unsecured bike should pretty much guarantee that yours won't disappear unless it's something really desirable.

    Overall, I've spent 20 years using the biggest, most impressive looking lock and chain I can find and I've not lost a bike yet (touch wood). Most importantly, I've used it. Any time I'm not going to be able to see my bike.

    I've heard "But I was only gone 5 minutes" wailed over an empty parking spot so many times it's not funny. A lock that's not on is so much scrap metal.