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Bike camping gear

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by silverflash, Dec 16, 2007.

  1. I'm looking for a tent and or swag set up for my bike. Does anyone know what options are available?

  2. Swags are way too bulky.

    Kathmandu has a 50% off sale at the moment, get a self inflating mattress and the largest waterproof bag for 50% off - then also put in sleeping bag and tent.

    Camping stores should have a 2kg tent for just over $100 and a compact sleeping bag for around the same - Kathmandu tend to be dear even with 50% off, but see what's there.
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  4. There's a reason why it's expensive, it's good gear. A $100 tent will end up getting you and all your gear wet, if not straight away. Better to spend money on quality gear then throw it away on crap gear.

    Depending on how self reliant you want to be, look at things like stoves that are designed for hikers, they'll be light weight, compact and reliable.
  5. Yep, there's also a lot of camping gear designed specifically for cyclists and mountain climbers which can be even smaller/lighter still and is well worth a look (though can be a little more pricey). If you plan on buying a lot of stuff all at once remember to bargain for a good deal on the lot and/or check if there's some sort of discount card (eg Rays tentcity).
  6. Not doubting it's good gear, just not everyone wants to climb Everest :wink:

    I bought this one survived a few storms and everything dry inside :cool:
  7. I agree up to a point, but it gets down to weight and the lighter the more expensive. If you are carrying a 15-20kg pack and hiking every day a kilo or two extra is a lot. We can get away with a bit more weight and get middle of the range gear.
  8. It's a motorbike... you don't really need to be as light and as compact as for cycling or hiking.

    A decent 3 man tent will make your stay much more comfortable than a small hiking tent.

    I can and do carry a 3 man tent, a self inflating mattress, a folding chair, gas cartridge stove and cooking equipment, sleeping bag, a couple of changes of clothes and food and that packs into a ventura bag (sitting on the pillion seat) and andy strapped across the rack.

    Sundy light items that I need regular access to (like camera and phone) go into a small tank bag.

    All of this weighs lots less than even a light pillion and a motorbike will carry it without noticing.
  9. I never said look at tents designed for hiking, i said look at other equipment designed for hiking, and i meant not so much for the weight, but for the compactness. :wink:
  10. Maybe. But the less weight and bulk the better I reckon. Leaves room for more essential items like booze - and any camping gear is going to seem comfy after a few drinks ;).
  11. I have been looking at lightweight stuff designed for biker and its very dear!
    It was a good point made by ZRX1200R about all the gear weighing less than a pillion rider. i never even considered that.
  12. Don't forget a rubber mallet to bag the pegs in.

    I was told at one site that they'd just watered the site. That didn't mean a thing to me until I came back on my way home a couple of weeks later and it was like rock - bent most of the pegs I had. Forget the idea you can bang them in with your boot.

    When it comes to extracting the pegs, knock them around a bit while they're still buried otherwise you may straigten out the hook on the other end of the rubber mallet at the same time as doing your back in.

    I enjoyed sleeping with a blow-up pillow. I found the clothes in the pillow routine just too uncomfortable.
  13. I bought a 3 man (one woman) tent from BigW for camping at PI for about $50 - figured I'd leave it behind if it was crap... and it wasn't! Is light, just gets strapped to the pillion seat on the bike, and is great, held up to some fairly strong winds at PI and keeps me dry if it rains. I also have a normal single airbed, and a battery operated air bed pump and my sleeping bag, i have a cushion to use as a pillow which fits in the front pocket of my ventura bag... for the run down to PI also had a folding chair and a lot of clothes etc... go the ZX6R tourer :LOL:
  14. My main interest is backpack hiking and I've got a rather bad habit for collecting camping equipment. Best thing I've discovered to sleep in is the jungle hammock:

    I put a link in but am not allowed to... mosquitohammockdotcom

    You cut down on weight to begin with and you also don't need a sleeping mat plus I find them way more comfortable to sleep in than a tent.
    I use nothing but the jungle hammock unless I'm heading away with a lass in which case I use my MSR "Hubba Hubba" 3 season.
    With a sleeping mat (I use a thermarest 4 season) the hammock does just fine in zero degree temperatures. I was in Wollemi National Park in July last year...

    That's my suggestion. Hammock goes for around $130 and the MSR goes for around $350 if you look on ebay. Just make sure you get a good brand as waking up wet and miserable is never fun.