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Bike camping around hunter region, NSW

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Rolski, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    Would like to dabble in some bike camping , anywhere in the hunter region, any recommendations, would like somewhere a bit isolated, but not to hard to get to , I've got a 2013 cb500f if that helps, thanks!

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  2. Frying Pan Creek out of Dungog, Chitshester State Forest
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  3. T
    thanks Zim, I'll do some research on it!
  4. Wouldn't call it heaps isolated but Lake Glenbawn is an awesome camping spot, it's near scone.
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  5. Bike camping is great fun, have you got your camping kit together?

    Some good previous threads on the subject.

    Preparing for bike touring
    Online Motorcycle Trip Planner Checklist
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  6. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll have to do some research on it, cheers
  7. Thanks for thread tip, yeah have camping kit, but no gadgets to place them on:), I have a decent size tank bag, I wonder if I get a decent size seat bag, that it would do the job?, like to avoid back packs, used one down to Thredbo a couple of months ago, didn't like that at all.
  8. Yes I am not a fan of back packs although some riders I have spoken to say the ones that have straps to place more weight on the hips are OK. If you are going to tour then a tail bag is a minimum. I use a tank bag and side hard panniers. The tank bag is for the things you need to hand, phone, change of gloves, camera, money etc etc. I rarely ride without the tank bag but thats just me. :)
  9. Yeah, I found with my tank bag,if I improvise with a couple of occy straps, I can turn the tank bag into a seat bag, it's expandable, so it's surprising how much u can pack, I might buy another non expandable bag, just as u mentioned for the essentials, c how that all works.
  10. Leave your tank bag as a tank bag.

    Then just make a backpack into a seat bag, tape your fairings to protect them and then just use ocky straps.

    Put your helmet on and visor down to avoid taking your eyes out with the ocky.

    That will let you carry a lot of stuff.
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  11. It's a great place :) Been there quite a few times but with my 4wd and camper trailer. Would be a good ride though.
  12. Ok, cool,.. So regarding roads, no problem getting there on a two wheeler?
  13. Definately not :) seen a group of riders camping down there before :) Here's a link http://www.lakeglenbawn.com.au/index.html
    Just thought it may be a good spot for your first time bike camping. Good starting point to test the waters before setting off for somewhere more remote and further from home.
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  14. Your a champ herhonda,thanks.
  15. No worries :)

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  16. That pic above is of the Lake there. Beautiful spot.
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