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Bike Camera Mounting

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by takagawa, Feb 15, 2005.

  1. Are here any cheap solutions to mounting a camera onto the tank?

  2. Don't weld it on!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. Web cam velcro'd to the tank (or better to the front of the fairing) and a laptop computer in a back pack.

    Cheap if you already got access to a laptop pc.
  4. Hey Paul,

    I’ve got a cam at the moment that I hook up to one of my spare helmets. It plugs into a video camera in a back pack and I run it on a battery pack. It’s not bad and the only problem I have at the moment is, when I plug the remote camera into the video camera I lose sound. I think it’s because my video cameras SV in only accepts video and not sound. Good luck if you get one going. Hopefully I can find away to throw some edited footage on line for people to check out, it’s a big file due to it being a full song.
  5. i think the best option is to grab one of those cheap ebay camera's and mount it on the front of the bike somewhere. then slap the camcorder in the storage area and run some cables to it, keeps the expensive bits safe from damage and makes it harder to see that you are recording something (cops LOVE video evidence :LOL: )
  6. Yah that works well Coconuts, but you need a video camera that has video in, and not just video out (like mine *sigh*)
  7. if you have a video input on the video camera, you should have an audio one aswell :? might be like a headphone jack or something and you might need an adapter from the helmut cam. do you know if the helmet cam has audio output or is it video only? you could probably get an external mic pretty cheap if it doesn't....
  8. yeah, thats why i gave up on it too :? my mate uses this method tho and it works a treat. i had a cheapo cam on my old bandit and i borrowed his camcorder once but he wouldn't let me use it anymore than that so i just gave up on the idea :? i'll get a decent camcorder eventually tho, this is just the best way to do it i reckon.....
  9. camera

    i have a minature camera mount in the rear compartment wit a 7" lcd screen mounted in front of my speedo / tacho. bought it from jaycar now i can see the i@#%&iots behind me & their rego # before they do something stupid. ( only had it for a week & qalready save from near !@#!@# twice already) . thinking about setting anoither camera & recorder at the front.
  10. folded (origami) piece of sheet metal that holds the camera just outside/inside the faring,
    is attached to the bolt that holds the mirror.

    use it to hold a cheap ($300) Sony CyberShot camera.
    takes both pictures and continuous video recordings to the capacity of the memory card.

    no longer tell friends about the crazy stuff observed on the roads,
    now just show them.
  11. Yea, I've got a cheap yet quite decent quality digital camera that doubles as a digital video camera with sound. Putting a 512mb SD card in would get me a little more than an hour of max resolution video.

    I was thinking actually more along the lines of something like a tankbag crossed with a mount that makes use of that threaded hole (so it fits on tripod mounts).
  12. have a look at this site

  13. Are you after a permanent/regular fitting, or just something for a once off or occassional? If the latter, you can hire them from BikeCam
  14. A regular fitting for which I can put on an existing camera.
  15. if its the tank yo uwant to mount the camera to, then check this link out. one of the guys on the fzr forums bought one made by these guys and posted the video, looked very steady too mounted on the tank but they have others which mount tot the side aswell.

  16. There is a mount which clamps to the handlebar and has a fitting which allows you to mount any camera that will attach to a tripod.

    Mark Higgins in the BMW Club has one on his R1100R. He took some good photos on the last BMW Club Adelaide trip. It is quite adjustable and you can swivel it. Most Video cameras have a tripod mount so would also fit. I don't know where to order it from though although I believe Mark bought it off the web.

    Digital Cameras work well as you can see the image you are taking. SLRs are a bit more difficult as it involves guesswork...

    The only issues are that you need to try it first as it could affect the handlebar clearance on some sports bikes. Cruisers & tourers should be OK though.