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bike burnt down!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ronin2010, May 11, 2007.

  1. hey guys thought someone might like this....

    Ive got a mate with an older 80's bike (im yet to find the exact model) but it was a 600 turbo. He was riding to griffith for a bike meet, and stop at the servo to fill up. Once getting off the bike he noticed some smoking but thought nothing of it. He then proceeded to open the fuel cap and had a flame jump out! He dived for cover and the bike burnt to the ground... (the servo attendant came flying out with a fire extinguisher too).

    Turns out that the bike was notorious for having electrical problems, and insurance will cover it....
  2. there's one cure for cold nutts while riding :)
  3. Ohhhh get ya hands on the video, (if they had the camera's rolling & most do these days ) :LOL: Now who would love to watch that? Just for the duck for cover value alone would be good.
  4. Just a quick question 8-[ your mate saw smoke and thought nothing of it ](*,) obviously he had never heard of the cliche old wives tale"where there's smoke, there's usually fire" :roll: Personally I usually TOTALLY ignore smoke in the vein hope it will disappear, either that or get back on and ride the thing, therefore supplying more current and fanning it with oxygen to said area thus ensuring really successfull combustion :facepalm:

    There was an old model Yamaha XJ that had a turbo :-k was a 6 fiddy though me thunks. I think Honda did a CX Shadow as well that was a Turbo :?:
  5. :shock:

    i guess this example shows, some of us on here, that getting off the bike to fill up the tank aint such a bad idea afterall; may save ya nuts :wink:

    +1 for the footage.

    so you're saying that the smoke that i see coming from parts of my hornet when it's raining out,i.e light, headers, whatever is hot, is actually attributed to the fire that i've yet to see?

    better pack the extinguisher:LOL:

    now if it smelt like "fire"...
  6. There's always someone who wants to go one better ain't there? :roll: :shock:
    Sheeesh .. we used to just "paint" the flames on our bikes/tanks back in the 80's :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  7. That's not smoke, that's steam, coming from the cold rain hitting the hot parts of the bike and evaporating.
  8. thank fcuk for that, then! :LOL: :wink: i was just about to head out and buy a flame retarding suit.
  9. I have a Suzuki XN85 factory Turbo and fuel injected from 1982. Hope it doesn't burn to the ground........
  10. Actually fitting a mini fire extinguisher to your bike wouldn't be a bad idea... maybe to the underside of the tail??? My father has one in his roadster the size of a football - but I'm sure you could get them smaller.
  11. faaaaaaaaaaaaaarrk
  12. ive seen that done, pretty good idea. the one i saw was mounted on the part that comes down to hold the passenger pegs. it was the size of a large aerosol can.
  13. similair thing happened to a mate of mine on his ZX7r. i crashed it softly into a bush/grass, and seemed like no damage, and when he was riding it home from phillip island, stopped a traffic lights, and whoosh! up in flames (a little bit) i wasnt there, but my brother (rainmann) saw it happen... no major damage. turned out it was ruptured fuel line. oopsy.
  14. yeah that was f*cking scary. it was leaking fuel all the way home from phillip island.