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Bike Builder in Melbourne needed please!

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by 84SR250, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. Hi all

    It's been a while since I last posted but am hoping that someone can point me in the direction of a good bike builder in Melbourne for a Flat Tracker project based on a Yamaha Scorpio 225. If anyone is also selling one of these let me know as well!

    I've used Craig before (some will know who I mean) and he was great but I can't get hold of him. No time and lack of skills means I'd rather have someone else do it.

  2. Hi Rhys,

    You probably won't get hold of Craig - he is working hard for someone else right now and is even harder to touch base with than usual!

    But if Craig was available I would always go to him first, outstanding workmanship.

    Otherwise - Christian at Modern Motorcycle Company in Melbourne might take it on, but he is pretty busy too (because he is also very good at what he does) and starting to choose his projects.

    Christian might be able to point you in the direction of someone else though.

    Bit of a tight market in Melbourne, perhaps you might find someone at the 'Oil Stained Brain' custom motorcycle show at 100 pound bend in Melbourne in November...

    How much needs doing on the bike anyway?
  3. Thanks very much Maduncle

    Appreciate the tips.

    Not a heap of work really.

    This is the bike so it'll be:

    Indicators and Lights
    Powder coating wheels black and MAYBE two pac the engine
    Other little bits and pieces

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  4. Same tank or different tank?

    Bring it round to see me once you get it, I reckon half of the work you can get done yourself and the other half with one or two contacts - all depends upon how much of a hurry you are in.
  5. I'd definitely speak with Craig, but he's pretty backed up at the moment.

    I think Maduncle is right. Have a shot at some of the minor stuff yourself and ask around for people who can help you out with the rest. I'm good mates with the guy who did the Scorpios for Deus and he said there is some fiddly work to get things to fit on them, re brackets and that sort of stuff. End result would be fun though!
  6. Thanks fellas

    Defintely a different tank. Will probably look at something off an old trail bike at this stage.
  7. Did this project get off the ground ?
  8. Almost done. Will post pics of the finished result.
  9. Fantastic, look forward to seeking it
  10. For those that are interested, here's a pic of the finished bike. It's not back from the builder yet (who's in Perth, I'm in Melbourne), so still a couple of weeks away from actually being able to ride it. Can't wait.
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  11. That looks fantastic! Very impressive... now my wallet is getting nervous as I have considered a very similar project.

    Do you envisage any issues with RWC and Rego in Vic ?
  12. I bought the bike in Vic with rego and RWC, then shipped it to Perth to have the work done. There's obvious transport costs involved but it saves a lot of headaches otherwise.

    The quality of work done by these guys is amazing, I'm wrapped with the result. Couldn't recommend them more highly , their website is below for anyone who's interestsed. Just to be clear I'm in no way associated with them, this is a plug because they're brilliant at what they do, and take pride in it as well.

    You can also hire street trackers from them in Bali (which I've done as well :) )

    Ask for Duane


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  13. I'm heading over to Bali again next year so will keep that in mind !

    Your bike has come up great ! Excellent job
  14. saw this on flinders lane today parked beside a cb350f. looks great!
  15. Cheers Lam, yeah that's the one
  16. wow this is amazing good work