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Bike build date or sold date

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by locusm, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. What date is a dealer obligated to list a bike with? Build or first sold?

  2. I have this issue. New skreet triple. Registered a week or so ago. Vin number identifies it as being a 2012 and it is the facelift. But build was 2011.
    Afaik listing as 2012 is correct but i'd also make a not on listing that it's a 2011 build.
  3. lol mine is built in 2002 but its a 2003 model

    the year built should be on the frame/engine no.
  4. I always thought it was based on date of compliance - ie when it actually arrived in the country.
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  5. A 2004 model built in 2003 is still a 2004 model.
  6. but is a 2012 built in 2011 still a 2012?
  7. The build date is 12/2009 so fair enough its listed as a 2010 model.
    Legally it is the date of compliance, but there seems a ton of examples where there is a significant gap.

    Thanks for prompt replies folks...
  8. Usually the most noticeable gap is with new models, as manufacturers will typically produce a large number in anticipation of its release - which is not always matched by actual demand.

    Classic example was the CBR250RR - with Honda still selling "new" bikes up until 2000, despite the fact production of parts stopped in 1994 (post '94 bikes were simply assembled from parts sitting in a warehouse).
  9. Edit: After reading Caz's post it would appear I was completely incorrect.

    Carry on.
  10. The NSW and ACT rego offices will list the bike with the date on the compliance plate. so if the plate has XX/2010, it's a 2010 model in their eyes.

    12/2010 is still 2010, not 2011
    12/2009 is 2009, not 2010.

    insurance will usually go by what the rego office says.
  11. I am a trained VICROADS dealer delegate........
    All vehicles are or should be registered according to the compliance date on the VIN plate, the date first registered has nothing to do with the build/compliance date, they are two seperate things.
  12. Thanks Caz, and is that date the date it clears customs or what?
  13. Regardless of the compliance date issue, it is common for manufacturers to be building next year's model as early as July or August in the current year, although usually October or later. Think Ducati, or other low volume manufacturers.

    They are still next year's model, and no doubt the compliance date will be next year.
  14. Suzuki are September, Kawasaki Oct. Almost all come out the year before unless they cant make enough to get them to our shores.
    FFS if I never rego a bike till ten years later does that make it a new model ? think about it.
    They should be made to explain the vins. The Marques. Most are around 6 to 8 back in the numbers for the year the bike was built and the model it is. And of course they all do it all little different.
    Buying the last of a run when the new ones hit the deck is the best and cheapest option if you buy a lot of bikes. Faults are fixed or at least well recognized, and they basically give them away. New ones new faults...and there will always be that new one
  15. My Ninja 650 I have just purchased is a 2013 model but compliance plate is July 2012. Have also just got the Ninja 1000 2013 model for the OH and we were going to get the 2012 model but compliance plate was Oct 2011, so wanted something that hadn't been sitting around for months.
  16. It's a messy grey area. I guess it's up to the individual to decide on what they purchase, it seems motorbike purchaser are a little more forgiving as they know next years model is available late the year before. Where as car buyers are far more fussy.

    I guess you could always throw in that warrantee doesn't start until the bike is first registered not complied.
  17. Was interested recently in a new v strom which was at the right price. Looked at the comp. plate and shied off at the 08 date. Didn't ask but wondering if that bike had been sitting on the floor for nearly 4 years ??8-[
  18. Very messy, you also have to consider: you may accept that a MY 2012 bike has a compliance plate with a 2011 date.

    but when you go to sell it on, buyers may not. and price your bike as a 2011 bike rather than a 2012 bike.

    of course this matters less as the bike get older and/or has more Km on the odo.
  19. The compliance date reflects the date which the manufacturer applies for compliance.
    Many companies are at present selling their new 2013 line up of models.... we are not in 2013 yet... even though it is classed as a 2013 model, you cant put a future date as compliance, it reflects current date of build according to when in was added to the NEVDIS national system. If a bike/VIN is not on the system...it can't be registered for the road, only recreational registration.

    Another example is grey imports, for example...CBR250RR's were never released in Australia, however, many companies/not manufaturers...importers..like Sumoto, will import these bikes from overseas and then put them through the compliance process...
    it may be a 2000 model bike...however it will have a compliance tag of 2006 or whatever the year is that the importer put the bike into the NEVDIS system.

  20. The 10th digit in a VIN reflects the models year, according to manufacturers release.
    The first 3 letters reflect county of origin and country that it was imported into....example...
    many yamahas start with a vin of JYARN this tells me the bike came from japan, yamaha, was impotded to australia, J=japan, y=yamaha, a=australia.
    The RN......and following numbers up to the 10th represent the model, the next numbers represent the year the model is classed as, regardless of compliance date, and the remaining numbers relate to the actual unit number.

    Of course their are exceptions to this rule, not all yamahas are made in Japan.....