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Bike Breakdown Tow Service?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by B3NKobe, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Hi All,

    I ride every day 200km for work, I ride on the South Gippsland Highway and then the Monash Freeway into the city, all highway riding so a good ride all in all...

    Anyway I was wondering if anyone knows of any tow or bike breakdown services that service on these 2 main highways? Its just as a safecard to have a number in my phone incase I breakdown on the freeway.

    Cheers Ben
  2. Cychaul Motorcycle bike haulage 0419173456
    Motorcycle logistics bike haulage 0419521939
    Motorcycle transport services 0416084169
    Rolling motorcycle repairs 0414672988
    Two wheel transport 0429960766

    Tiga can attest to the MTS service...

    Don't know anything about any of the others. Have collected them over time when they popped up in the links directory, magazines, cards left on wrecker's front desks etc... most have web presence.

    Mate, what the hell bike do you ride 1000km a week on????
  3. .. and if you have a Honda, then Gold Membership of Honda Assist will also provide the service (and a lot else) for you...
  4. Or if you don't have a Honda, look into Mondial Roadside Assistance, www.mondial-roadside.com.au It isn't very expensive for basic services.

    I have Ducati Roadside Assistance, which is administered by Mondial.
  5. Another option is RACV.
  6. is Honda Assist for Honda scooters also? if so I'll sign up tomorrow, mines broken down 4 times in a month and it's only 6 months old. I want it replaced, will be going to consumer affairs probably if it's not fixed this time properly.
  7. Motorcycle Logistics. Netrider discount partner that will give 10% discount to all members :) https://netrider.net.au/?page=partners&BusinessType=Transport
  8. G'day everyone,......

    Yeh,....so its not just me that dose 200kms per day going to work and back!!


    Dr Who?