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bike brand image perception

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by brayo, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. just a thought i had today while watching all the lucky sods zip past my cage today. also inspired by the gruen transfer on abc.

    what is the differnt image that each brand of bike portrays? if you had to describe each brand in 3-5 words what would you say?

    i would be interesed in some constructive opinions befor it turns into a slanging / flame war between you brand whores.

  2. Here's the first thing that comes to my mind:

    KAWASAKI - nutter, fanatic or farm boy
    BMW - old fart or boring rider
    SUZUKI - wannabe racer
    HARLEY-DAVIDSON - 99% accountants, 1% genuine bad mofos
    BUELL - hard-ass who cares not for reliability
    HONDA - sensible and quietly fast
    TRIUMPH - a rider's rider on a rider's bike
    YAMAHA - poser who worships shiny things
    DUCATI - latte sipping poser
    Hyosung - uninformed noob/idiot

    To that I'll add

    MV - more dollars than sense
    KTM - hooligan
    Aprilia - rich hooligan
  3. KAWASAKI - Mean green, sharp crisp designs
    BMW - Intelligent sensible design, Mr Sensible.
    SUZUKI - Brilliant blue, sporty but sensible
    HARLEY-DAVIDSON - Bling Bling, History and "Image"
    BUELL - Risky styling, Blocky but "Fresh"
    HONDA - Racing red, common thru exotic
    TRIUMPH - Beautiful and cheeky, classic british
    YAMAHA - Racy, Crisp, Sensible but sporty
    (nb - doesn't seem "special" - probably due to lack of brand knowledge)
    DUCATI - Bling Bling, Exotic going common
    Hyosung - Fresh, Sporty, sensible, budget target
  4. KAWASAKI seen in green
    BMW ulysses
    SUZUKI knee sliders
    BUELL desperately different
    HONDA regularly regulated
    TRIUMPH ersatz nostalgia
    YAMAHA King Kenny
    DUCATI King Kenny (Blake)
    Hyosung masochist
    KTM Lone Orange-rs
  5. KAWASAKI - Hard 70's Aussies
    BMW - going far and always getting there
    SUZUKI - Cheap n sensible
    HARLEY-DAVIDSON - cool, best n worst
    BUELL - HD goes sports again
    HONDA - reliable, boring
    TRIUMPH - Brando, rockers, British!
    YAMAHA - good-looking, bullet-proof classics
    DUCATI - runs on emotion as much as petrol
    Hyosung - Hmmm, can afford...
  6. KAWASAKI- What's Suzuki doing?
    SUZUKI- What's Yamaha doing?
    YAMAHA- What's Honda doing?
    HONDA- What are those 3 doing?
    BMW- Lets make this armchair go faster :twisted:
    HARLEY- Lets make this old armchair louder.
    BUELL- This armchair don't need no stinking cushions.
    TRIUMPH- Gone our own way.... who needs a map.
    DUCATI- HOLY SHIT, WE WON!!, thank god we delivered with our roadbikes too.
    APRILIA- Straight jacket torn to shreds.
    KTM- If you know our name the first stage of our plan for world domination is complete.
    HYOSUNG- Wait up guys!.
    MV- Lets do some blow off that models rack.
  7. KAWASAKI - pretty brunette,faithful,energetic.
    BMW - housewife with in dresssing gown and haircurlers.
    SUZUKI - wild blonde,flirtacious,ditsy.
    HARLEY - cheap fluzy,mutton dressed as lamb.
    BUELL - cheap fluzy,rich boyfriend.
    HONDA - hot brunette,predictable,caring.
    TRIUMPH - classy,sassy,intelligent.
    YAMAHA - bleach blonde,easily pleased,not fussy.
    DUCATI - expensive tastes,hard to please,nagger.
    HYOSONG - bogan,uggboots and bicycle shorts.
    MV AUGUSTA - i want an armani handbag!
  8. LOL @ GRADY!!
    :rofl: :applause:
  9. And sometimes the image doesn't mean the reality... :p :LOL:

  10. :LOL: :LOL: Grady !
  11. The first answer and by far the best :grin: :grin: :grin: well done.
  12. Because nagging women sound like a dry clutch :LOL:
  13. well, the dictionary sez:
    Common choice of ride amongst wellhung Motorcycle riders. Owners tend to be more skilled and less full of bullshit then other riders ie, Honda, Yamaha.

    HONDA(cos I own one): can be fast, reliable, less poser quality.
    common HD & alikes: making too much noise but didnt get the job done.
  14. KAWASAKI - Colourblind
    BMW - Ewan wannabee
    SUZUKI - Cause they can bag Hysoungs
    HARLEY-DAVIDSON - mmm shiny shiny my precious
    BUELL - loud and proud
    HONDA - sensible choice
    TRIUMPH - almost a cliche
    YAMAHA - rice boy wannabee
    DUCATI - sex on wheels
    Hyosung - Newbie choice and a good one, at least it's not a scooter!

    KTM - loves rebuilds
    Enfield - riding is more fun than posing, but not as much as maintaining
    Aprilia - Fist in a velvet glove
    MV - A work of art, bad art but art none the less
  15. KAWASAKI - I thought they only made dirt bikes
    BMW - This aint no safari
    SUZUKI - American squid mobile
    HARLEY-DAVIDSON - Paging Dr Mid life Crisis
    BUELL - I used to want one before I knew better
    HONDA - pure ricer
    TRIUMPH - I'm different to everyone else
    YAMAHA - Brighton Le Sands
    DUCATI - I don't care if its unreliable I still want one
    Hyosung - Does it come with L plates?
    KTM - Look at me goddamit
    MV - I'm better then that Ducati
    Dues - Does it go with my Jacket?

    I think it should be noted what each person rides..
  16. Y2K Turbine powered bike - I just shat my pants :p
  17. KAWASAKI - Making anything else but bikes/jetskis was too hard
    BMW - What war?
    SUZUKI - Helping surgeons buy that yacht they've always wanted
    HARLEY-DAVIDSON - Somebody please give me attention
    BUELL - I wish the cops would stop giving me so much attention
    HONDA - Because I just couldn't be bothered putting any thought into it
    TRIUMPH - Now the oil stays inside the engine
    YAMAHA - We tried to be different, once
    DUCATI - Single handedly responsible for depleting the world's supply of latte
    Hyosung - Tackling growing obesity by encouraging people to walk more
  18. KAWASAKI - Yakuza wannabes
    BMW - For the older gent who wishes he could afford a 7 series, but brags to his friends how he owns a Beemer
    SUZUKI - poor man's choice for Gino's who wish they could afford a Ducati instead
    HARLEY - number one choice for brand whores with money to burn
    BUELL - secretly wanted a Harley but think this will give more cred with their sportsbike friends
    HONDA - For 18 year old wanna be racers and geriatrics wanting to take their lounge suite on tour
    TRIUMPH - For nostalgic riders who wish they still had to bring their workshop along with them every time they wheel their bike out the door
    YAMAHA - For riders who don't understand the meaning of "3-5 words"
    DUCATI - number one choice for latte lovers and chicken strip devotees
    HYOSONG - Missed their childhood battery powered electric ridealong bike, so bought the next best thing. Stays operational about as long as the average battery life too.
    MV AUGUSTA - More money than sense
  19. :rofl: :rofl:
  20. You just haven't known the right woman :wink:

    Ducati - loud, reliable, comfortable, different