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Bike Biz: Buyer beware

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by iClint, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Earlier this year I purchased a new MT-09 the local did not have what i wanted in stock and did not know exactly when they could get it so I went with BikeBiz who had the bike in-stock.

    Now I crunched the numbers and came to the conclusion $5k down and the rest financed through whoever could do the best deal.

    Anyway I ended up financing the remaining $6,990 very competitively through yamaha finance.

    Here is where the troubles began, the sales manager was chatting with me while I waited for one of the sales guys to finish up with another customer, offered me coffee a place to sit, the service was A1

    The sales guy was typical of a sales guy (slimy vibe, pushing the up-sell), a declined the extended warranty, declined the tyre insurance, declined the comprehensive insurance etc.

    the reason i Declined the insurance was because I got a quote from NRMA of ~$550, the sales guy say's at least give me the chance to quote. so he comes back with $520 comprehensive. $30 bucks is $30 bucks so i accepted but made it very clear I did not want the insurance done month by month or bundled with the finance. I even offered to pay the Insurance right there on the spot and was told nah! just pay it when you come in to collect the bike along with my $5k deposit.

    a few days later i get the call the bikes ready to be picked up, Great!

    I go into the store and we just have the papers to sign and the deposit to pay, as we are going through the paperwork I notice he has added the extended warranty, added the tyre insurance and bundled the insurance into the finance with a monthly figure instead despite my very clear instructions, his response to my protest is oh you can cancel them all within 28 days so i just put them on there for you trust me you will appreciate it once you have had some time to think about it or as i understood it "sucker you'll be to busy riding to bother cancelling the policies"

    ...and yes in my excitement to get the bike home and go riding i thought fcuk it and signed the paper work, now before I leave I am basically held to ransom to talk with the woman who does all the up-selling of optional extras for your bike etc, who keeps me waiting while she's out back having a smoke and laughing and chatting with who I assumed was a friend who had dropped in. in the end I said fcuk this where is my bike I'm leaving.

    On my ride home I have time to think and start getting a little bitter about the whole purchase ( don't mistake I love the bike it was the service that got my nickers in a knot)

    I get home and instead of heading straight out for a ride I start going through the paper work and I am not fcuking happy. My $5k deposit has been effectively swallowed up and the whole amount of the purchase basically financed (yes its my fault I should have been more thorough to begin with, but I got the tunnel vision of YeeeHaaa new bike)

    The next thing I notice is the insurance when extrapolated out to an annual price is ~$600+ much higher than the ~$520 i was quoted and clearly a sneaky trick, and why he was very insistent i not pay the insurance at the time of purchase.

    I ring the insurance company to immediately cancel the policy, the rep was disgusted at the salespersons tactics and said there is no way he could have obtained that quote and as a sign of goodwill they will do the policy for $500 which i can pay up front.

    okay first problem solved.

    the next one is to cancel the extended warranty and tyre insurance. extended warranties are basically insurance policies and are subject to 28days cooling off period so this was easily canceled the tyre insurance was another story, this is basically a prepaid service rather than insurance and not subject to a cooling off period and I am basically told "get fcuked we are not refunding the money".

    I am furious and call Bike Biz and talk to the sales guy he basically tells me get fcuked sorry nothing we can do, I demand to speak with the dealer principle and the sales guy almost makes an audible gulp noise and says just leave it with me and I will see what I can do... i take this to mean fcuk you I'm not going to do anything.

    Any way I decide not to wait for his call but take matters into my own hands and get onto someone in charge myself.

    I manage to get onto the sales manager and explain the situation and I can tell he is shocked at what has happened, i give him the benefit of the doubt that he maybe does not know the kind of tactics the sales guy is using to get his bonuses and commissions.

    The sales manager tells me on the spot don't worry I will make sure everything is fixed up by the end of the day, I'll be dealing with this personally.

    about 1hr later i receive a call from the sales guy who sounds like he has been crying, apologises and says everything is fixed.

    Long story short everything was fixed the dodgy insurance policies cancelled and a very good deal on the comprehensive insurance achieved, so at the end of the day everything worked out, but i think it is very important to tell this story for the benefit of new and old buyers alike who go to bike biz to be aware of the kind of tactics that were employed in my case.

    To be fair this happened 8months ago and the only reason why i am telling it now and not 8months ago is another story entirely, so therefore the sales person may not work there anymore, the sales manager may not of have even been aware the staff member was doing this.

    Buyer beware, check the fine print be insistent if you do not want a particular after sales product, ask for a written quote an not just trust the quote being told to you is correct and don't sign anything you are unsure about goes without saying.
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  2. A clearly documented cautionary tale, Clint. There are too many people in sales, in all walks of enterprise, whose only interest is getting the signature on the line and to hell with the consequences for the customer. I think the best bet if you have to finance a machine is to go to your bank with an exact figure in hand, and then present the dealer with a bank cheque for that exact amount......
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  3. I would have to say I think they are still there. I bought my first bike from Bike Biz in March last year and the in-laws bought 3 from them within the last 12 months.

    When I went to pick up my new bike in August this year, they were 5 minutes away from walking out and going to a new dealer because the service when I ordered it and picking it up was pathetic. The sales guy literally said "I'm fcuking busy leave me alone" as he walked passed my wife and I as we were standing there patiently waiting to give him a cheque. On a positive note, as the sales manager and other staff heard and saw the disgust on my wife's face (it was priceless I just wanted to laugh), we got speedy service from all (expect the finance guy, same pushy sales talk for warranty, insurance etc.. however I stood my ground and went elsewhere). I got in touch with the dealer principle and let him know of my past and present experience and I know he spoke to the people involved.

    What I've found at Bike Biz is the parts and service sections are great but the sales section is pathetic. However, I have also found that sales sections at other bike shops and car dealers are also pathetic but the service sections are great. Similar issues happened when the wife bought her new car from Penrith Volkswagen, it now gets serviced and Blacktown Volkswagen which is less convenient, but the service and quality of work is far superior.

    So don't put a black line through Bike Biz, just go in with a plan before signing which is probably the hardest thing to do so take a friend as back-up.
  4. I have a couple reasons why I won't ever go back to Bikebiz Granville.

    1. When I bought my bike the sales guy was really good, it was the finance guy I had a problem with. On the day I bought my bike the finance guy wanted to go home early but he couldn't since I was in the shop and was talking to the sales guy. I submitted an offer and the sales guy went away to get approval from the manager which took a while. I was sitting at the sales desk and the finance guy comes over and recognizes me as I'd been in the shop a few times to look and test ride bikes, as you do when buying a new bike. He then yells "why don't you stop f**king around and just buy the bike" half jokingly, and a nearby salesman started laughing. I didn't find it funny. He apologized to me later but still...

    2. They quoted me $340 for an oil change (800km service).

    3. I ordered a helmet from them and I went through about 5 months of "maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe next year, I'm waiting to hear back from the manufacturer" every time I spoke to the woman in parts. Never once did they call me. So I got sick of it and called Bikebiz Parramatta down the road and they had it in stock! I was down there in 10mins and picked it up. I wish I did that 5 months earlier.
  5. True, I should have clarified, flys don't go the Granville store. I was referring to the Parramatta store.
  6. You knew what you wanted and got the sale push.. instead of want you went in there for, that is blame on self.

    Though it is the same with buying used, check the odo, vin, price and other things to make sure you do get the oll switch a roo, lure you in with the good ad... mummble mmmble after you sign the papers.
  7. That's shit house. And people payout on Wogs for paying cash!
  8. Good cop,bad cop.Thats the system.Do the deal and they walk you over to the extended ripoff department.Its everywhere.
  9. Bike Biz.... no thanks!
  10. 1. Always say no to the extras and arrange own insurance.

    2. I also got my 09 from Bike Biz Parra (paid for in Jan or Feb, delivered March) and had no dramas. I did pay cash up front and followed point no.1 though.
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  11. I've used them a few times to purchase gear over the Internet. No probs there as there can be no up selling. At least they are australian and some of the dollars stay onshore...
  12. I also had a good experience with Bikebiz Granville.
    I bought my new K1600GT from them and it was a hassle free, painless experience.
    I did pay cash so there was no opportunity for anyone to just throw all the extra Bs into a monthly repayment, but I didn't even get the high pressure upsell in any case.

    As a rule, when buying cars/bikes I always arrange my own insurance and make a note to the salesperson at the time of signing the contract not to bother having the profit centre rep call me because I don't want or need any extras from them at woefully inflated prices.
  13. Is it though? what about when you are blatantly lied to. I had arranged my own insurance policy and declined all the other products.

    Products i had DECLINED were slipped in after I had left and before I came back to collect the bike.

    It was literally "here's your new bike... and if you will just sign here, by the way i know you said you didn't want them but I threw some extras in for you anyway, you can cancel them any time within 28 days."

    1. He lied that all the products could be cancelled

    2. He quoted a figure for the insurance with a household name insurance company that was a complete lie and hoped I would miss it by hiding it in a pay by the month figure instead of the upfront cost which i requested to pay at the time of purchase

    oh and I almost forgot...

    3. He took my credit card details to process the holding deposit which he never actually processed and instead used my credit card to purchase the insurance policy and have the weekly figure direct debited.

    I was slightly blinded by the new bike, but you expect that while they are trying to make a profit they aren't going to break laws to do it.

    I tend to think the sales guy was acting alone, and would only hope this is not BikeBiz's modus operandi, and is why nowhere in my post did i say steer clear of them but just be wary of the tactics that were employed on me.
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  14. Ring your bank and tell them u never purchased the insurance policy. That's bullshit and big time theft IMHO
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  15. It never got that far. Most of what the sales guy did was fixed up by the sales manager

    But you are right it is theft/fraud
  16. +1. Bought a fair bit of gear off the online store a couple of times. There was a few issues with stock but communication was excellent.
  17. Funny because I just had the opposite. Truly appalling sales service on a bike that wasn't cheap and not saying cheap bikes are worth less service either.
  18. Probably end up the same way as Actions, gooorrrnnnnnnn
  19. #19 iClint, Feb 28, 2015
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2015

    is actions across the road gone? I drove past only a few days a go and to tell you the truth I wouldn't have noticed if they were there or not, that is how little I have to say about that joint (A couple of run ins with the parts department)

    Edit: LOL - looks like it has been closed for about 6 months... I need to get out more.
  20. It seems no matter what you purchase it is buyer beware, I am buying my MT 07 through Peter Stevens in Geelong and also going through Yamaha finance, and yes I did get the sales pitch with all the extras and it will add a dollar here and there! I suppose that's their job?