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bike before car license?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BiG DaN91, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. just wondering if many of you guys got a bike before car or if i am one of the few?

    i got my bike license as soon as i turned 18 and have been riding about a year and a half and i still dont have my car license. i ride to uni everyday rain hail or shine unlike these weekend warrior harley riders who think they rule the roads on a sunday but then go back to their office job on monday!

    i think im just gonna wait till im 21 to get my car license so i dont have to do the stupid 120 hours on L's.

    my friends and family thought i was crazy for getting a bike with no previous road experience and i was going to die but ive had no crashes and i feel im a better rider than they are drivers now. You learn alot more being on a bike than in a car in my opinion.

    and its alot more fun ofc!!
  2. Mate I am almost exactly like you, I got my motorcycle L's when I was 19, been riding around regularly ever since. I only have my car learners and I have no intention of going for my car Ps until I turn 21. The 120 hours is supposedly mainly to learn road craft, which is something you get A LOT more of on the bike. So as long as you're lucky or smart enough not to die or be seriously injured, there's no reason why you shouldn't get your motorcycle license before your car license.
  3. yeah its stupid that they dont realise how much more road experience a bike gives you. my old man got his first bike at 17 and didnt get a car license till he was 40, and he still rides everyday to work!
  4. I got my bike learners at 17 and 9 months quite a few years ago. Didnt get a car licence till nearly a year later.. then had to wait forever till I was off P's in the car but didnt have to display them on the bike.
  5. Where do you go on Monday?
  6. He goes to Uni.
  7. Ah. Free love, cultural critique, and lying on the lawn unlike the man in his suit. Now I get it, Honda Dreams and all that. Screw the man and his Harley!
  8. Jesus H christ you are a veritable font of fucking knowledge ain't you, how do you define a "weekend warrior Harley rider" from say, any other motorcyclist out there?????????

    You will find weekend or sunny day riders on all sorts of bikes, just as you will find daily riders on everything from scooters and 250's through to Litre bikes and cruisers... hopefully one day you will realise it's not about what you ride, it's just that you do!
  9. i define a weekend warrior harley rider as a fat middle aged guy who is going through a midlife crisis and goes and spends all his money on a fatboy and tshirts with skulls on them. they are posers who think they are tough because they have the harley image. they are rude on the roads, never nod like 90% of other bikes do, slow as **** through the mountains, and i dont think ive ever seen a harley in the rain. this is just my opinion, im sorry if ive offended you but i dont respect posers who give others a bad rep.
  10. No problem getting your bike licence first. But, it's pretty handy having a car licence as well isn't it? Not a real good look being unable to drive your girlfriend's car home, or drive a mate's ute, etc? Then again it was a lot easier to get the car licence in the 90s - none of this log book stuff.

  11. OK, who gives a fuck what they look like, who gives a fuck if they dont nod, who gives a fuck what they ride, who gives a fuck when they ride, and who gives a fuck how slow they ride, do you own the road do you? seems to me that your the poser here
  12. Didn't you post up a pic of some dude for everyone to laugh at a while back? Is it ok to give a **** about some things and not others?

  13. search before you want to dance mate, i was picking on his man bag
  14. Ok so I have to leave part-time posers alone, but if I see someone with a man bag I can point and laugh. Got it.
  15. You like man bags do you deadsy? good to know mate

    End of the day, who gives a shit what the other bloke is doing, thats the problem with people, they get so worked up on what the next person is doing that it actualy gets to them, why is nodding so important? whoooooooooooo cares, worry about yourself people and dont worry about what the next bloke is wearing or doing, its their life not yours
  16. yeah i want to get car license soon but it get messy with having Ps on bike and car at different times, rather just get my full bike then go straight to full car
    i know how to drive, i just dont have time to do 120 hours
  17. looks like I'm screwed..
    I've got a harley, I'm old and fat, I've had 2 midlife crisis' and to top it all off I've got a ripcurl manbag.
    I'd hate it if I thought i'd upset someone by not giving a fark what they thought.
  18. i was with ya till the manbag bit foot :D
  19. Its easier to pick up and throw over my shoulder than the backpack/protector..
    Dont use the manbag If I'm parking for too long tho, the security chain puts a lot of strain on the AC joint..
  20. who gives a shit if someone has a man bag? its their life not yours?

    hypocrite much?