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Bike been knocked over? Got the details of the person.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Walkat82, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I try to keep this short and sweet.
    My bike was parked on the street behind a ute a gave the ute at least of Metre of room mybe even more.
    Went to do what i had to do in the building that where it was parked came back and find that the mirrors have been folded in went to start it took a bit of time to get going and thats when i thought was knocked over.
    A witness came over and explained to me that the driver backed into it and then some people came and helped her picked it up and drove off.
    The witness gave me the company name but did'nt get the rego.
    went home rang them up told office lady told me to get 3 quotes and see what happens. I only have 3rd party insurance due to things been tight and unemployed :-( So should the company/driver pay for all damages?
    Thanks for your replys.

    No driver Details no Rego just have the company name, when i rang the company i gave the person over the phone description of the driver and ute and they replied sounds like ours. I have only spoken to the office workers and they said to just get 3 quotes what i m afraid of is when i actully do get to talk to the company owner/boss he won't admit fault or will not pay for damages. Bike is at the shop now getting a service+Inspection.

    I did get the Witness contact.

    Went to police to make a statement they said they did'nt really want anything to do with it. told me to document everything. If they fail to come to an agreement then go to the police.
  2. yes but go to the police asap and tell them what happened and get the reference number for insurance, then ring your insurance company, give them all the details and they will take care of the rest, ie: fix your bike and chase them for the money HTH
  3. Hmm ... not sure goz?! I think the insurance will only chase if you have full comp and they end up paying if they don't get the money off someone else?! Then again, I could be wrong ...
    Good point about the police though ... make it formal.
  4. I wonder: do you have the contact details of the witness(es)?

    If there is an issue here of leaving the scene of an accident without exchanging details of names and licences, (although I guess you it could be construed that you may not have been that easy to locate).

    Just thoughts...
  5. Most insurers will cover you to a certain limit if you have Third Party and the other party isn't insured.
    By the sound of it this ute will have full comp if it is in a companies name. Definitely report this to the police and provide them the witness details. You should be able to get everything fixed through their insurance.
  6. You said you called the company and they said to get 3 quotes? If so, what's the problem?

    If you have the witness details, these alone should be sufficient to pursue the matter.
  7. +1
    I'd also make a statement at the nearest police station.
  8. +1
    I'd also make a statement at the nearest police station.[/quote]

    Just not sure about the requirement or necessity to inform the police. But a trip to the station can't hurt.
  9. same happened to me a while back. i didnt see it but someone else did. had the rego and description (was another rider.. god bless em). rang insurance, reported to cops, cops rang owner, owner had their insurance cover it.. than again i have full comp. not sure about 3rd party. ring your insurance and ask but still report to the cops and mention that the company said to get quotes. at the end of the day YOU choose who fixes the bike.
  10. You're required by law to provide details in the event of causing property damage. Sounds like the driver tried to pretend it didn't happen, reporting them to the cops might make sure they don't try that again.
    Next time they knock over a bike there might not be witnesses.
  11. I'm a little confused. Have you got the rego and drivers details at this point?

    If not you should have them. If the company won't give them too you, then go to the police. It is an offense to leave the scene of an accident without exchanging details.

    Without these details, you will have problems if the company tells you to bugger off.
  12. I'm just wondering why you think they shouldnt? btw even if you were parked in a no parking, no stopping zone they are still liable.
  13. My experience of the police in this instance is that they will look at you blankly and go 'er?'
  14. Your right. It's a hassle for the cops to chase someone if they didn't actually attend the accident, so they tend to avoid this if they can.

    If however you go to a quieter cop shop, preferably near the address of the company, during a quiet period (middle of the day) and be nice to the cop, you may be able to convince them to give the company a call and get them to exchange details properly.

    this suits the cop, because if the parties exchange details he doesn't have to do any more work.
  15. But isn't that what's happened? He's called the company, they've said get 3 quotes. Without being party to the conversation, that's a tacit admission of responsibility. With a witness (hopefully details were exchanged), that should be the end of it.
  16. Not sure, hence my post above. He really does need the drivers name and license number and the rego number and vehicle type.

    That quite is a bit different from "Yeah, get a few quotes and we'll sort it out".
  17. But if the end result is the same (ie, fixed bike), then why does he need all that info?
  18. Gotta love them tradies and their utes! :wink:

    Make sure the inconsiderate prick pays. The least he could have done what stop, pick up the bike and leave a note.
  19. More concerned with the scenario that after he frigs around for a couple of weeks getting quotes, the company tells him to bugger off and ask for a subpoena for the info.

    Is it the companies problem, or the employees problem? If he quits or gets the sack?

    Better to get the details now.
  20. I've got to agree with ibast on this one, its too easy for them to change their minds later and then you're stuffed or facing a long and expensive battle. Better to get the driver's details ASAP, if the company won't give them to you I'd smell a large rat. If you can get the cops to take a statement and get the details for you, so much the better.