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Bike battery died

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Loretta D, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    My bike battery died so i went to A1 motorcycles in Ringwood and bought a new one. The salesman also talked me in to buying a battery charger for when i do not use the bike much throughout winter. I have since charged the current battery with the charger and my bike now starts no problems. My question is, should i now return the new battery that i bought or should i replace my current battery with the new one? I am a bit paranoid about riding my bike to work in the city and then it might not start at the end of the day to come home.

    I have only owned my bike for 2 months so i am unsure of its past use. The battery has hand writing on it saying 'new battery nov 11'. So i am unsure if it is a dud battery or if it just went flat because i hadnt riden for 1 week (aside from a 5 minute ride down the street).
  2. A few too many variables to say.

    1: There could be a leakage when the bike is off discharging the battery.
    2: The bike charge circuitry may be misbehaving.
    3: The old battery may show itself as charged and start the bike but not have much capacity left if you do a lot of short trips and need to start multiple times.

    If it is 1: then the problem will persist and when it is away from the charger i.e. at work you may not be able to start it.
    If it is 2: damage may be done to the new battery, you need to measure the voltage across the battery when the engine is revving.
    If it is 3: the new battery will fix the problem.
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  3. Go to a proper battery retailer, and get your battery load tested. This will tell you if your "old" battery is any good, or totally rooted. Whilst you're there, they will most probably happily check the charging rate of your bikes electrical system. This will tell you if there are any other issues causing the battery to go bottoms up.
  4. Loretta, as above, get it checked properly, if your old battery is about to die, you dont want the new one to die earlier then it should.. And why havent you ridden all week, scared of a little rain?
    Luvvin the blue vtr? Hope you are.
  5. How much was the new battery?

    If the cost of the new battery outweighs your stress of a possibly faulty old one - there's your answer
  6. some batteries not so great on really cold mornings.
    another possibilty as to why it did not want to start.
  7. Was only $120. Not too much
  8. Sounds like a good idea. If you know of a place in the Eastern Suburbs, let me know.
  9. I reckon for your own piece of mind use the new battery.
    Over the winter months use the trickle charger (as required)

    It can't hurt to change the battery over anyway - doesn't sound like it will break the bank....

    Reliability is something you can't put a value on
  10. I actually caught the flu from riding in the cold and rain and refuse to ride until i feel better
  11. Thanks BitSar. So even though its a new battery, i should still use the trickle charger yeah?
  12. Only if you're not cycling it by riding the bike.....

    If the bike is not gong to be started for 7-10 days at a time (especially in this cold) then I would suggest using the trickle charger....

    On the other hand, if you kick her over once or twice a week then the new battery should be fine (y)

  13. Good to see the rain doesnt put you off, and smart not to ride till you're better too :) hope all's well with EVERYTHING now :)
  14. No you didn't, you cannot catch the flu from getting cold and wet, you came into contact with someone who had the flu or a cold or whatever it was as a flu is an infection. You cannot get an infection from riding in the cold and wet. What can happen is that if you have been exposed to the infection, then subjected your body to cold stress then you could have exacerbated the cold.
    but to say that yo got the flu from riding in the wet and cold is WRONG.

    But now that you are unwell best not to ride