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Bike Battery - costs (Large bikes)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by mjt57, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Went to start the bike (Blackbird). Rur, rur,r....

    Got in himmel, I cursed, silently of course, given that it was 6am in the quiet neighborhood (all the gunshots, squealing of tyres, shouts and screams had died down by then).

    Looks like the battery's finally carked it. Not bad going as it appears to be OEM and the bike's 8 years old now.

    Anyway, called 2 bike dealers. One, a Kawasaki dealer, has a genuine Yuauasa for $170 or a cheap generic brand for $80. Honda dealer in town has a battery, dunno if "genuine" or not for $85. Both items are the sealed types.

    Will pick one up tomorrow.

    In the meantime, just wondering if anyone here has bought a new battery for their bike (1000cc or thereabouts) and what you paid for it.
  2. Recently bought a battery for the R1, from Kmart , was $85....

    Brand is Exide....
  3. I have this battery installed in my street-fighter.

    Have never looked back since. Was sick and tired of the batteries dying. Installed that, and it's 1/4 the weight, and doesn't go flat, and starts the bike easier than the stock battery did.

    Costs more, but you can move them from bike to bike with no worries.
  4. Martin go see your local Auto Elec instead of a bike shop unless you get a good discount. I paid $100 for a sealed Yuauasa for the RF900R..... Ok thats 3 yrs ago lol

    Auto Elecs down this way have their batteries cycled every Wed. Not sure how long bike shops have them sitting on the shelf.
  5. Definitely go the autoleccies - hell, even Supercheap has sealed batteries at decent prices. Lead acid batteries I'd leave to the leccies though.

    Cheers - boingk
  6. Hi,
    When my Triumph oem battery failed to charge i went to Battery World & got a Deka maintenance free Gel battery.Cost about $170.00 two years ago now.
    It has better starting power than a standard battery & so far it works great.

  7. Removed the battery this arvo to have a look at it. It's a Yuasa sealed unit with Honda branding on it. Looks like OEM. if so, then it's been in service since Feb 2001...

    I charged it up today and seems to be holding it. I'll check it again in a coupla daze. If it's dead again, I'll turf it.

    My concern was that there's a drain on the system. I found some verdigris buildup between the contacts on my Aldi GPS mount. Cleaned it up. Dunno if that was causing any problems but I'll wait and see.
  8. Yuasa are the way to go ,i did the $70-80 option once and never again;)
  9. Paid about $80ish when mine went, was $130ish I think for the stock type (sealed unit, maintenance free as I understand it), but they didn't have any of those in stock at the time so went for the cheap option.

  10. You sir are hardcore.
  11. Hmmm... this has got me wondering. I've recently installed the ALDI GPS and now my battery is going flat as a tack rather quickly. I've got the battery out of the bike charging at present, going to put back in with GPS disconnected to see if that's the problem - I suspect it is.
  12. Of course it is!!
    Especially if it is hardwired to a cig socket from the battery.
    Put an inline switch in.
  13. Thanks Joel. Stupid question, why does it draw current when it's turned off and GPS not even in cradle?! Mine is hardwired to battery.
  14. Because it has an active circuit that changes the input voltage of ~12v, to 5v to power the unit. This circuit will continue to run regardless of whether the unit is plugged in, with the wasted energy dispersed as heat.
  15. For my CB900 I bought a Deka Powersport, (I think it is an ETX 15L) GEL battery from our "dial-a-battery" franchise (seriously-that's their name) for $150 delivered. Haven't looked back.

  16. Good point.

    I'll put my multimeter across it (in amps mode) and see exactly how much it's drawing.

    In the meantime, I'm suspecting that it's the battery. Reason being is that soon after I installed the GPS I took it for a spin. Bike started no problems then, despite being sitting idle for over a week. But when I got to the mate's place, 15 kays away and at highway speeds all the way, when I went to start it at his joint, it was flat. 10 mins. on the charger got it fully charged again.

    The other day when this happened, the battery was on the charger for about half an hour. But I charged it 24hrs after I tried to start it to go to work.
  17. Bought the KTM with a dud battery (the ol' switcheroo, eh?). Price from dealer was $400(!). It's a little bit unusual, so a normal generic doesn't fit, but I eventually found a suitable Yuasa for $180. Worth it, IMHO.

    OP - it is a Honda. You have checked the regulator haven't you?
  18. I think I paid $76 for a sealed 12v/6A battery from Batteryworld. I can't remember the brand, but the Yuasa ones were closer to $120.

    The battery on my R1 is 10A, and last I checked they were just over $100 for a cheaper one (and about $200 for a yuasa one). Sealed of course.
  19. To Titus, the Rec/Reg was replaced last year. And yes it is charging. Given the age of the battery it's fairly obvious that it's probably on the way out.