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Bike Backpacks (back protection too)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pottsy44, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. i was looking for a backpack that i can use for the bike, and it is helpful if there is some form of back protection.

    ie. Dainese Zaino Kidney Belt/Bumbag/Backpack


    i think that bag is fine (at the discounted price that is). but i was just seeing as their was any alternatives (namely bc its dainese and they are generally at the higher end of the price spectrum).

  2. I don't like the idea of backpacks on bikes. If you do come off, what stops teh bag hooking up on the bike/roadside obstacles and tearing your arms off or similar? They also feel odd to me when riding, but that is just my opinion.
    Get a back protector and a rack or seat bag for the back.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. nah not going to put a rack on my bike, i like an uncluttered look. seat bag can be another option, but i dont like the idea of strapping it on then having to worry about it falling off.
  4. I've got one of these. The kidney belt is really quite good. It's fairly wide and gives some degree of support for your back, as well as internal organs. In conjuction with the supplied protector in a jacket it's not a bad compromise.
    But the bag is not practical. You need the belt inside your jacket, and the bag outside. They can be separated, but there's actually no point in zipping them together.
  5. tank bag or seat bag
    seat bag straps around the pillion seat , sfa chance of it coming off

    oxford make a bag that is designed to be a tank bag or seat bag, cheap too, sub $100
  6. yea they look like a decent bag, unfortune that the bag and belt dont work in tandom.

    got any other bag suggestions?
  7. I wish I did have Pottsy. A few years ago I saw in PS a great backpack that attached to a full proper back protector. It could be worn over a jacket. I didn't buy it 'cause it was fairly expensive (ie. $400+) but I often wish I had done. Never seen one again. :cry:
  8. I need a backpack to put my laptop in, don't want to spend a fortune, but i need on that is going to protect it (as much as you can) if something happens. Any suggestions?
  9. targus make a durable laptop bag
  10. that's what I have but I prefer a tank bag, things don't get crushed at it is a lot nicer NOT having a backpack.
  11. the ventura rack doesn't make the gs look cluttered, two bolts the back comes off and its just the elbow joints remaining, wouldn't be without a rack on a bike, i do a fair bit of overnighters

    also magnetic tank bags are fantastic and come in a huge range of sizes

  12. Both the Axio and Boblbee hardshell back packs are cool, but really expensive. The Boblbee Megalopolis (bigger version than the one in the link provided by im.on.it) comes in an "Aero" version designed for motorcyclists and all versions of the Megalopolis are certified back protectors.
  13. Hey guys
    I use a crumpler which straps across you and they're brilliant. :)
  14. does anyone know what that massive curve in the bottom of the boblbee bag is for?
  16. Well that's not bad then is it? I was always put off backpacks because I always thought they had more potential to do damage?
  17. Just won one of these an hour ago, off Ebay, good cond. second hand, for $50! I bought it without the bike in mind, but actually I've been riding without my top box on the SR500 because, like Pottsy, "i like an uncluttered look". So these are pretty alright as a back protector also? - I had been trying to work out how to take along my stash of tools and tyre repair stuff for country rides, and didn't want a standard backpack on which to snap my spine. I wonder what it would be like if you contacted a surface back first - whether that would bend the old neck back a bit far compared to no backpack...