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Bike auctions..!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fastkid, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Hey guyz and girls,

    Been looking at possible upgrades between suzuki, honda, yamy and kawa. I want a 0.6 - 1 litre bike in the supersport class. Been really liking the R1's and have test ridin one. However im a cheap ass.

    Im a student with little 2 no money and of course want a sweet deal. Not to the point I get ripped off mind you. Does anyone know of any bike auctions around Melbourne or inner country areas where I can buy this type of bike from. I wanna get a fuel injected model preferably.

    Oh and by the way my budget is around 6 - 7k Maybe 8 if I squeeze work for shifts :wink:

    Thanks folks!

    Steve :grin:
  2. I'm no help on the auctions.
    but just a thought. If you're still a student and your budget is tight...
    I'd call around and get some insurance quotes before commiting to a bike.

    They can come back with some rude numbers for supersports insurance to people under 25.
  3. Yeh just want to point out that comprehensive insurance for an R1 at your age is around $9000 pa.
  4. Not taking into account insurance, the smaller the bike the cheaper it is to run also. From someone that has a litre bike, go the 600. The litres cost a heap to maintain and if your on any type of a budget then you will be constantly chasing your tail trying to find money to spend on general maintenance for the bike.

    I have a feeling you may also be stretching your budget already if you want a fuel injected model. Most of the earliest fuel injected models were around 2001.
  5. google up "fowles" auctions i think they do damaged and non damaged bikes from time to time. they work by consignment. i saw they often have ex postie and ex police bikes. my bro got a good deal on a car from them a while back.

    thing is, far as i know you cant start, test ride or have the bike looked at properly. what you see is what you get. so if you find a beutiful R1 and find it needs a complete rebuild after you buy or its held together with blue tack, its your loss.

    my brother said some of the cars that sold were conking out before they reached the gates to get out of the place.

    the other place is the sheriffs auctions. i know one happens in king st oakliegh. same deal though. and they dont deal with that many bikes.

    if you do end up checking them out let us know how it works out for you.
  6. You'll be able to get an r1 for either 7-8k, just a older model like 1999-2001.
  7. I have had some expiriance with auctions and motorbikes... the more damaged the cheeper... the newer bikes are more expensive and any thing sports you will pay through your ...... but some models do go cheep as dirt... keep an eye on things like ZZR600, VFR750, older CBR600 and YZF600. They tend to go for as little as $1000 to $2000 with minimal damage (repairs from $2000+ ORC). What kills you is the ORC which can add up to about $1000+

    Hope this helps.. and early summer is Auction NO go as things get very very expensive...