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Bike at dealers for a month - loaner??

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by northerner, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. OK so my Street Triple R has already been at the dealers for 10 days for the 'common-as-muck-why-don't-triumph-do-a-recall' regulator/rectifier issue.

    I have a dead R/R unit, a dead battery and a dead/fried alternator/stator. Just got call from dealer that it will be another 2 weeks minimum until they get the bits from the UK.

    So basically I will be without a bike for a month - this is all warrenty stuff by the way. Surely I should be entitled to SOMETHING from Triumph? A loaner?

    Dealer says no. Sorry. Will just have to wait.

    Anyone been in this situation and got anything?? Do I just have to accept my fate of crappy public transport for a month???


  2. Yeah not many will do it. If any for that long. They want their demo's for test riding and don't want the K's on a used. Sucks I know.
    Write a letter to Crusty at Triumph. Might not get anywhere but you never know.
  3. omg have they never heard of Airmail?
  4. Probably still waiting for the next available sailing ship. sorry to hear that man, hopefully my aprilia parts dont take that long. Got to be pulling your hair out not being able to ride anything. There must be a government body that can deal with this stuff, afterall your still paying for the bike, for the rego and everything......its warrantied and you expect the local distributor to stock some common parts.
  5. Yeah - it's the alternator/stator that they're waiting for. They have the R/R unit ready to go but apparently alternators are on back order from the UK - ie they don't even have any of them at the factory. Just shows how many triumphs are suffering this failure (this failure/fault that triumph don't even acknowledge exists....)


    Graham :(
  6. Under warranty? If so I'd be making as much noise as possible to get a loner, as the bike is my only form of transport. Most dealers have an old 250 trade in they don't care about.

    Also, it's disappointing that Triumph have joint the long line of poor parts supply in Australia.
  7. get in touch with the big man at Triumph and make lots of noise as previously suggested. Let them know you will be passing the word around about how you have been left without transport due to a bike issue which isn't of your doing.