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Bike at 230

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Brian26146, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. Just heard news preview on telly (ch 7) some bike somewhere clocked at 230.

    Should make for lively discussion again.

  2. Must have been made in the late seventies, 230 pffft!
  3. Nah, this is just the court case for the learner that got done for 230 a few months ago. Was it on the Ring road? Nothing new, just him getting his come-uppance.
  4. it was that L plater on ring rd. meant to bring this up when i got back from the ultrasound place where i saw this, the bugger only got 6 months suspension :shock:

    how the HELL does that work? the minimum suspension for anything over 45kmh over the limit is 12 months. i copped 12 months for 190 in a 100 (and rightly so i guess), why does this fella get 6 months for going another 40kmh faster on a main road?

    defys logic, i'm gunna go home and sulk now cos i probly coulda got off lighter :cry:
  5. Yeah, you're both right.

    Saw the rest of the promo.

    Have to wait to find out what he got.

    We watch Win local news first, then Melb news.
  6. Does he lose his full licence as soon as he gets it?? I heard of peole getting pulled over when they were 16 on their bicicles Drunk as a skunk only to have their car licence taken off them as soon as they pass their test!!
  7. If it WAS only 6 months that does seem a bit lenient.
  8. 6 months!!!!!

    Still way too long, he should have recieved a commendation for not adding to traffic congestion.
  9. I couldn't make it out. Did he get a fine as well?

    I bet if I did what he did, I would be broke for years and walking for the same time.
  10. Who do I have to apologise too?
  11. Yep, lost his licence for 6 months and a couple of grand fine....because he showed remorse by making a public apology to road users etc two days after he was caught. :roll:

    Was on his L's at the time, riding a bike over 250cc, clocked at 230km and ran from the cops....they caught him when he lost it.......go figure :evil:
  12. Wow, I might go out and do something stupid and see if I can get my time reduced by showing "remorse"
    What a crock.
  13. What a hypocritical lot you are. All you are worried about is how unfairly (in your eyes) you yourselves have been treated. Nothing to do with any safety aspect. Jealousy is not a good look.
  14. He had a car license and was on his l's with the bike.
    I can't believe he only got 6 months suspended.
    Why was it not cancelled?
  15. He should have been on a quicker bike :LOL:
  16. According to a fella i know who is a copper,they never started chasing him because of his speed,they happened across him after he stacked.So he didnt 'run' from the coppers. Riding a bike that exceeds your restrictions is only a minor offence, and he was doing 230 on a 4 lane + freeway late at night,big deal. :roll:
  17. Ok all those who have never ridden at 230k or more please leave the room!

    That didn't make much space did it?
  18. nup, I'll own up to 185 out near Walcha a few weeks ago, but that's about it.......
    I think the complaint here is not that "I got worse for less", but that there seems to be no consistency in sentencing. How many extenuating circumstances need to be taken into account for someone who does 230 to be treated like anyone else who does 230?
  19. Well I watched the news report so I would put this one down to a win for motorbike riders exceeding the speed limit by warp speeds, he really only got a slap on the wrist if you ask me.

    And based on all the information the only person in danger was him.
  20. i stand by my rant, he's a goddamn lucky SOB and i wanna kick him in the nuts for it :twisted: