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Bike and Rider unscathed, Underpants a bit worse for wear.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Urban, Nov 22, 2004.

  1. I had one of those brown pants moments today. :oops:

    About halfway across reefton spur heading towards Marysville when the back wheel decided to try and beat the front wheel round the corner.
    I was rolling through the corner with the throttle just off closed and just about to get back on it when the rear stepped out enough to cross the bars up and then try and highside me when it grabbed again. Luckily I managed to stay on it and by the time it all straightened up I was back on the straight and hadn't even crossed the white line.
    :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
    The way the back let go made me think I had hit a greasy bit of road so I went back and had a look but the bitumen was dry and clean, checked out the rear tyre and it looked normal too. I wasn't going insanely fast and I can't ride off the edge of the tyre so should have had plenty of rubber on the road. To have it let go like that (it just snapped out and then gripped again) really put the wind up me and it took another 150kms before I was tackling left handers with any sort of confidence and it still felt loose and scary. :(

    I've checked the whole rear end out and everything seems in order so I'll have to put it down to my head being done in by such a near miss.

    On a bright note there were only 2 very short sections of roadwork on the black spur so i used that nice new bitumen to help rebuild the confidence.

    :D :D :D
  2. Close Call for Urban!!!! still think runin up the back of a taxi is preety funny thought! well done to keep the bike undercontrol!
  3. Yeah I've had a few unexplained back tyre incidents as well recently... They certainly keep you awake!
  4. Do u think it might be tire pressure combined with unsuitable acceleration for that tire pressure?
  5. Hey Urban,

    You got it in one... YOu made ,mention of having unused edge on the tire. This unused edge is just like having a new tire. SOunds like you leaned over a little morem than usual and riding a little faster than usual. So, you basically went over, hit the virgin rubber and it decided to slip....

    Well done on the recovery and well done on the improved lean angle. :LOL: 8)

    It is a very scary sensation and well done for continuing.

  6. Hey Urban, Congrats on the recovery, another learning curve hey! Glad it worked out so well!
  7. Sir skuffy wrote
    I've been trying to get over far enough to get rid of that bit of new tyre for a while now but sliding sideways down the road wasn't exactly how I'd planned to do it.

    The unused edge of tyre is only about 5mm wide, do you think that would be enough to cause it to let go?

    I'm glad it was the back and not the front that let go (lucky I listened to the guy at Pablo's when he suggested a stickier tyre for the front)

    I came home from work the long way today (whittlesea, kinglake, healesville) and the confidence is back up, I'm leaning over just as far as before and it doesn't feel like it's going to let go all the time now.

    Think I better see if santa will send me to superbike school so I can get rid of that edge on the tyres, and then those hero knobs on the pegs.
  8. i dont thinks so! my dad's friend's son races 600cc bikes in the queesnland league. His name is Josh skyring anyone herd of him? yeah thats not the point. Greg (joshes father) after a race gets a fine file and runs in round the unused edge of the tire. it tends to ruffin it up a little so it remains to have the same wear and tear as the rest of the tire. But if u try this dont dig a hole in ur tire. just ruffin up the smooth unused adge
  9. hey Urban - what time were you at reefton and what bike do you ride??
  10. Went through about 10.00- 10.30
    Got an older (94) CBR600 red/white