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Bike and Car vs Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Peleus, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. What's your opinion on this guys?

    Currently I own my bike and on my P's, as well as a car.

    My daily commute is on the bike, to and from work, so the only time I'm really using the car at the moment is on those stormy days or when I'm ducking down the road for something sometimes.

    I've got good waterproof gear so wet weather doesn't really worry me, and ducking down the shops is always possible on the bike just a little more annoying.

    So I'm wondering to myself whether or not its worth while selling the car and putting it towards my new bike for when I'm off my P's or if I should keep the car for those convenience situations.

    I also live with my girlfriend so I can always steal her car if I really have to but how do you guys who are bike only get on with some situations.

    What happens when you have to go somewhere say formal dress? Are there any situations you plain out can't do on a bike no matter how inconvenient?

    Thanks for your input, hopefully it can help me decide whether or not to keep the car.
  2. I just came out of a job that supplied a company car , so i sold my car to buy a better bike .... now im out of that job im kicking myself having to catch taxis to job interviews .... even shopping is a pain , but if you have the G.F s car to use go for it !! .... but would hate to see you stuck in a relationship you werent happy in (if it did turn sour ) just to use the car
  3. Well from my perspective I'd sell the car.

    I only have a bike, its kitted out with ventura luggage system and I use it to do my food shopping, commuting and fun rides....basically its how I get around.

    If I need to I also have the trains for transport so don't need a car right now (single, no kids etc).

    As you said you can always borrow your g/f's car when you need to. :wink:
  4. I'm another bike only guy, I havent run into a single problem yet. I can borrow the gf's car if need be, and if a whole bunch of us are going somewhere nice I persuade a friend to pick me up :)
  5. i've only got a bike too. if i need a car i swap my bike for my dad's car (who jumps at the chance). if you're gf has a car you can use when required, i'd say get rid of the car if that's what you want.
  6. I didn't have a car or bike for first 3 years I was in Sydney.

    Then I had bike only for next 2.

    After that, moved in with gf at the time(now wife), who had a car.

    The only thing the car is needed for is for carrying major stuff (i.e. furniture purchases) and groups trips. On group trips someone normally has a car. And for the occasional big purchase, either borrow or cab it.

    Now having 2 bikes are useful (esp with the temperamental duke :) ), although the Spada is in parts waiting to be painted at the moment :)
  7. I only have the bike, and that suits me 90% of the time. The 10% I don't have a car I really need it, and it's a pain. Lucky the wife's car can be used when needed for lugging around stuff. If I was on my own, I'd definitely at least have a bomb on hand in case.
  8. Our family of four (myself, Elisha and two bubs) makes do with one car and one bike. I ride to work leaving Elisha to get the kids around in the car. I don't plan on leaving my job anytime soon (and I hope they aren't planning on firing me soon) so I don't need to worry about formal dress. If I did I could just backpack it and get dressed there.
  9. i went a bit over a year without a car in a similar situation. i also had good friends if i needed a car to dress up or carry something bukly etc. i find the bike is a bit of a pain in the extreme cold or heat and not very convienient if i need to dress up.

    i ended up buying a cheap car for convienience. the other benefit being i can tool around with one and commute on the other :)
  10. For as long as Mouth and I have had bikes we have only had the one car. 2 bikes, 1 car seemed to work really well for us. We kept a car for shopping, formal events and our pets trips to the vets and those times when we just couldn't be shagged riding ;)

    If your girlfriend is wiling to loan the car and it's not too big a deal, then yeah, I would sell the car (buy her something nice when you do as an advance thank you :grin:)
  11. im in a similarboat i have a van n bike thought bout selling van but always wanted it u have to weigh up wheter the rego, insurance, maitance and value of the car is worth keepin prob best to sell if u can use ur girls car
  12. I've been using the bike as my sole method of transport for the last few months but i have to say i really miss the car sometimes expecially when i'm going out and having a few drinks and then wanting to drive home afterwards (Refuse to ride the bike after having any alcohol) and when i need to carry big stuff.

    If you have easy access to a car for these sorts of situations i'd say go for it.
  13. You can hire a ute for $55 for a day or a car for $35, so picking up large items is no biggie, and a taxi is only a phone call away. You just need to work out how often you need the car and weigh the convenience of not having to wait for taxis and/or arrange hire cars against the cost of keeping it.

    For me, my car is devaluing at around $1000 a year, I pay $1000 insurance, plus reg and maintenance and it's easily $2500 a year. That's $50 a week. In the last 4 months, I've used the car twice and that was because I had to pick up NBH, so it's cost me $800 to drive a total of 15k's :)

    My car is hitting the trading post as soon as I get off my ar$e and do it....

  14. I dont have a car and only a few days ago got my car Ls.
    I use the bike for shopping, transport to job interviews (public toilets and "can I leave my bag here for 15 mins?"/lockers/padlock are your best friend) usually I just get changed beside the bike.

    I cant say Ive really needed a car at all, cept when making large purcheses or wanting air con. Formal wear is no prob, I almost went to a wedding on the bike with the intention of getting changed when I got there.

    just think of the poor people who get round solely on public transport :shock:
  15. Both me and Amanda have a car and bike each.

    At the moment, my car is not getting much use, so had contemplated selling it. Biggest issue is the small percentage of time that its handy. And given what i'd get for it if i sold it privately, its been kept.

    It will get some more use shortly, when I have to start driving to a station each day. The time it takes to get a bus home isn't a big concern, but getting to the station to get a certain train each morning is.
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  16. yeah I was in the same position a few years back. Brought a brand new car and having the bike as well. Used the bike to go to work every day and only used it to do the shopping or go out. So we had 2 cars and a bike so i sold the car and now just have a bike and a car (GF's) so if your gf has a car then yeah get rid of the car one less thing you have to pay for.