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Bike alarms

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kooler2, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Now I know their out their but don't know where. What I am after is a bike alarm that notifies by mobile/cell phone when someones having a play with the bike.
    Heard about them a year or two ago and apparently when the bikes moved a long way you can track its whereabouts as well. Was I just dreaming or are they out their :cool:

  2. Nah they are out there but get a disc lock with an alarm :wink:
  3. There are a few different options out there for bike security...The best from a performance point of view would be the Quicktrak system...you buy the unit and pay a monitoring fee every 12 months but your bike has 24 hour protection...rather than using a GSM simcard to notify you of tampering the Quicktrak system uses their own radio frequency system...FAR more reliable than ones that use the GSM system...ever sent a text and it hasn't gone through for ages...network delays with GSM are common...with the Quicktrak it's not an issue.

    If your bike is tampered with the monitoring centre will call you on the number you nominate and let you know...as soon as the alarm is received your bike is tracked in real time, even if the theives park it underground the system will record it's last known position. There is also no indication the bike has a tracking system, so without an alarm going off the thieves are none the wiser...IF they do disconnect the battery the system has a back up battery to enable the bike to be tracked anyway.

    Next up would be an alarm and or a GSM module...you have an LED for a visual deterrent, can use a 2 stage microwave sensor and or tilt sensor to warn away potential thieves...and of course if they persist the GSM pager will let you know your alarm has been triggered and give you the bikes current location.

  4. Checked out the Bikebandit setup. The unit costs $995 and if you want the tracking feature it costs $100 a year HMMMMMMMM A disk lock with an alarm sounds really good right now :cool:
  5. I also took the alarmed disk lock and insurance option
  6. Why has no-one with a nice bike bought one of these and had their bike stolen so we get to read a cool story about them and their 5 best mates' righteous victory over evil; with machetes and cricket bats???
  7. Yep sent the Snitcher dudes an E-Mail :cool:
  8. *Mod-edit* Thread moved to Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts
  9. you can also get alarms, that send you sms's with in a certain distance if you bikes been touched. i think there called scorpion, not to sure.
  10. Hey let us know how much the costs are.. I'm also looking for a bike alarm that's not a loud disc lock. :p