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Bike Advise

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by msjrules03, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. I've been on my learner's and moving onto my P's hopefully (if i pass the U-turn test on my current bike). I brought an 07 Hyosung GT 250 Comet as my 1st bike and i am looking to get rid of it as i am getting, the main reason is, what someone described as Hyosungitis.

    I was looking at a 250 Ninja and was convinced i needed to get one and went to a Dealer to look at one and was shocked at how small it is.

    So im looking for a bike suited to my needs:
    Height: 186cm
    Use of bike: Riding From Sydney to Nowra and Vice Versa.

    I currently do the trip on my Hyosung, which manages the 80 speed i have todo, but with the wind factor effecting my body its getting less and less fun and alot more unconfortable. It's also getting to the point where i look at my Bike and my shoulders and legs anticipate the unconfortable ride and immediatly start hurting.

    I have looked at some bikes and came across the Suzuki GS500f, it definatly felt alot better sitting on it than the ninja and hyosung, just wondering if anyone else has any suggestions on a nice and comfortable bike that wont make me feel like a box when getting off after a 150km drive.

    I would like to be able todo something after getting off the bike when i get back to Sydney or Nowra instead of having too rest for hours to get feeling back in my legs and arms.
  2. Maybe also have a look at the Ninja 650RL.
  3. Bikes are a very subjective thing, what works for one person may not work for the next, even if they are the same height and weight.
    One of the over-riding factors you should take into account when choosing a bike is use, what will you use it for?
    There is very little point in buying a bike that is unsuitable for your intended use as you will never be happy with it and want to get rid of it ASAP. Hence your need to move on from the Hyosung.
    What you need to look for is a bike with a fairing, either full or 3/4 is fine, and a more relaxed riding position. I can give you a few suggestions to try but ultimately these are only rough guidance and you have to try them out and see what suits you.
    Suzuki: GS500F, GSX650F (LAMS) or even the SV650 (LAMS), Yamaha has the XJ6SL or the FZ6R (these are great bikes), Kawasaki has the Ninja 650RL as TGM mentioned and the other manufacturers have offerings to suit as well, you just need to cruise the Sydney bike shops for a while to find something that you like. If you find a bike that suits you but the pegs are not quite right or the bars are a little low for example you can buy accessory parts to fine-tune the seating position. And don't forget to put crash bobbins on whatever you get, they will save a lot of $ in plastic repairs.
    I would also consider getting one of the mentors in Sydney to watch you for an hour or so to check your riding position to see if you are hunching up or tensing your shoulders etc.

    Best of luck with your search and don't forget to lets us know how you go. :)
  4. Thanks for the ideas, i do like the sound of getting a Ninja 650RL or another 600CC bike, but they jump up alot in price quite alot after looking at another 250 or even the GS500F.

    ill start looking at some 650cc's and look at the insurance cost aswell, a 20 year old male with p plates is going to be expensive, they want 1,500$ a year just to insure the Naked Hyosung.

    Besides the increase of price is there a Massive power difference between a Learner Legal 650CC and the GS500F.
  5. Your current Hyo is going to be as good as any bike that has been suggested really.

    You might want to look at the KLR650 as a alternative bike that will fit you better but as you are a 20 y/o it might not meet the looks stakes.

    Actually you could also look at the KLE650 Lams version.
  6. speculation, might be because its a hyosung

    i'd say no. learner is learner.

    you're more likely to notice the power delivery difference between a drz400sm and a gs500 though.
  7. Yes, the prices are higher and that is something I can't give guidance on as I don't know your budget but there is something else to consider when you buy a bike, how long you want to keep it. If you want a bike that is legal now and has good handling to keep you safe for any further riding you may do in the future as your confidence and capabilities increase then in my opinion it is worthwhile shelling out the extra $ for the "best" bike you can justify. The 650's aren't much more powerful than the GS500F but have better suspension and brakes etc which is not to say the GS isn't a good bike, I have spent a few fun hours on a friends so I know they are great bikes but the likes of the FZ6R and GSX650F are better bikes due to better suspension, greater adjustability etc.
  8. The 650RL are around 11,000(i think closer to 12,000) whilst the GS500F i can get for 8,000. Brand new of course. I am looking to keep the bike through my Red P's and Green P's. Insurance doesnt bother me too much as i have a full licenced family member and i can be put on the insurance as a 10% rider, instead of 1600 i paid 250 Anually last year.

    Im not 100% mechanically sound with bikes, i actually only just got into them even tho i drove one for a year, arent the Breaks and Suspension upgradable/exchangable so saving 4000$ on the GS500F i can "fix" the suspension and breaks

    I guess All i can do is goto a Kawasaki and Suzuki dealer and see which i can get the better offer on, i have sat on the GS500F and loved how comfortable it was compared to my hyosung didnt get a chance to look at the Ninja 650, ill try too get too a motorbike store before it closes after work,

    My work uniform makes me look like i weigh 180kg's tho so they might not let me sit on the bikes :D
  9. Won’t be an issue mate. I weigh quite a lot and I am the same height as you. I was in Frasers yesterday trying out bikes for size and was left alone to jump on anything I pleased :)
  10. Ahh, the old "Does this uniform make me look fat" thing huh? lol

    They won't really care if they think they can get a sale, and if you go in ready to buy I can be fairly certain you can get a sizable chunk off the price as the industry is hurting a fair bit so any sale is a good sale.

    Upgrading suspension can be an expensive proposition, I spent $3000 last week on the front and rear on my FJR1300.

    But seriously, go with what feels right because ultimately, you have to enjoy riding it. And if you don't, it will just be wasted money.
  11. i've already got Onroad costs for free on the Suzuki GS500f and the only ninja they have is Orange, so i told em to knock off a thousand bucks for the colour, but they looked at me strangely so i guess they wont lol.

    And the uniform makes me look fat is quite literal, i have to get 3-4 sizes too big because they dont have the right arm length for me and the pants are semi-parachutist, just coz i have a small beer belly doesnt mean my legs are 30inches in diameter...

    Also how hard is it to Recolour a bike? and how much is it normally
  12. What have you got against orange? :)

    No idea how much it would be to respray a bike but to do it properly it would be thousands. Or you could talk to Folks who do vinyl graphics to make up a sticker kit for it for hundreds, hides the bulk of the colour and customises at the same time?
  13. If you are interested in the sticker kit option have a chat to Rod at Cutgraphix (http://www.cutgrafix.com/) and discuss it with him, he will be able to tell you the best way to go. He's a good bloke who I have dealt with in the past and he helped out a lot.
  14. Is the uncomfortable part from riding haunched over on a sports bike? If so, have you considered a bike with a more upright position?
  15. ER-6n(f)l is nice but I ride one :p

    Also considered buying dealer demos'? Some times you can get a good price with only a few k's on the clock.

    Got mine from penrith did a good price on it for me. Also Kawasaki has "discounted" insurance on new bikes.. Worked out 20 cheaper a mth for me but results may differ ;)
  16. The GT250 Comet is a naked bike, it isnt a very sporty position unlike the GT250R.

    I decided on getting the GS500F, i think the Ninja Restricted wouldnt deal with the hills and mountains i have to travel up, and im not confident enough on a bike yet to de-restrict it to its full power, and knowing my luck i would get caught with the restrictor off... specially if i have a big Pull me over on my license plate.

    I only ever wanted to get a 250 again as i am still learning, the 500 Is heavier which makes the Power to weight ratio simular to the 250's which is what i originally wanted to get.

    I think monetary wise and self preservation make the choice easier for me
  17. I gotta say some people look at the same boring old bikes. Get some motard goodness into ya
  18. Ninjas are terrible bikes. Yea they look sick, so ****ing what your paying like 8 grand for a 20 year old bike (the design has almost never been updated besides the plastics) if your going to buy a 20 year old bike you might as well buy a 20 year old good bike such as a ZX2R, YZFR250 (i think thats whats its called), CBR250RR, Hornet 250, GSF250V.

    If you want more reasons to not buy a ninja, search for my posts, just about every single one of them (hence my sig) involves saving people from wasting money on a tarted up scooter (ninja250).

    For your riding, i highly recommend the Hornet, i have ridden it from sydney to canberra via the coastal roads (where you live), and it was perfectly comfortable to sit in for 10 hours of constant riding (i took the long way via nasho, macq pass, kvally etc) They are very sporty bikes, getting a knee down on one is no challenge.
  19. Its one of the reasons I looked at the Monster. Only 160kg's which is 40-50kg's lighter than most of the alternatives.