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Bike Advice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by deviot, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Hey Guys,
    Looking at getting a road bike in a month or so and just after some advice on a bike.

    I used to have a KLX-250 but I sold that around 6 months ago. On the KLX-250 I did both off road and road riding. I have also ridden various other dirt bikes.

    I'm now looking at getting a my first full road bike (never ridden one before) for my commute to work (Werribee, Vic to CBD).

    I'm a bit confused on bike to get originally I was looking at CBR250RR or RVF400 but for the age and km's I feel that are way over priced. It seems pointless spending $4,000 - $4,500 on a CBR250RR or $5,500-$6,000 on a RVF400 when I can get a GSXR600 97-99 with 21,000-51,000 km for $4,300 - $5,000.

    In the end I plan on moving up to a GSXR but not sure how I will go for my first full road bike on one. Will it be OK with some self control? OR can you recommend a good stepping stone bike which I will not get bored of but which is not also over priced for what it is (RVF400 seemed like a good idea until I looked at the prices!)?

    I'm around 170cm and just under 70kg's.

    Any help or information you guys can give would be great.
  2. Why not get a motard? Something like WR450 (or maybe one of the 650's)with 17" road rims and rubber, keep the dirt rims and rubber and you have 2 bikes in one.

    I'm guessing you don't have a full licence.
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    From the prices point of view, I find most (if not all) LAMS bikes cost a fair bit more than they're worth. If you're not restricted to LAMS bikes, I reckon just go for a non-LAMS one.

    The general advice I've seen on netrider would sound something like "go easy on the throttle and you should be fine". But then again, I'm a newbie who's still learning the basics. So yeah. If any of you more experienced riders could add to / confirm / correct this, please do :)
  4. Had road tyres on the KLX-250 for a while and didn't really enjoy the motard style.

    Going a different direction from a super sport bike I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a bike in the 70's/retro/cafe style like the Ducati GT1000 (LOVE IT but don't have that much to spend :p) but within my price range of around $5000?
    I really like the look of these.
  5. Fair enough, I know what you mean. My son had a KLR650 with road rims and rubber. Good fun for a once in a while ride, but not something I could live with.

    Have a look at an older z750, or maybe a GSF600 (Bandit).