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Bike advice? Young, female, and 5'2"

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by keesari, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Hey, I've currently got my L's and I'm in the process of finding the time to do Q-ride. I've got a few mates with bikes, and I'm looking for advice on what might suit me. I'm 22, female and stand a wonderfully tall 5'2" lol. So anything with a high seat looks bloody ridiculous with me on it.

    I've recently been oggling at the Ninja 250r, and I've sat on one at a dealership and I was happy to find that it didn't feel huge to me. I'm still getting my head around LAM bikes and was wondering what else people might suggest?

    I'm looking for a bike to get me to work and back, and general cruising around the usual bike routes on weekends.

  2. kawasaki zzr 250 honda cbr 250 honda cb400 kawasaki gpx 250 yamaha r15 ...research them to try and give yourself a better idea - failling that try using the search function to find "first bike" thread's as there are a hell of alot of them floating around...it might not answer your question specifically but it might give you some idea's to help you in your search for a first bike.

    by the way - welcome to the forum
  3. Is price an issue?
  4. The Ninja is a good choice, though you might also want to have a look at the Honda CBR250R for comparison. Both are designed and built in Thailand so they ceretainly had shorter riders in mind ;).
  5. Anything that lets you get your feet flat (or near enough to it) on the ground would work while you're learning.
  6. Im 5 foot 1 inch and when I did my Q Ride course I started out on a Honda CBR250 and also the Honda Rebel, then bought my first bike which was a Yamaha VStar/Virago 250, all of which I could easily flat foot.
  7. honda z50j
  8. keep an eye on the auctions. sometimes you can pick up an ex-cop bike for cheap.
    they have all the go fast bits.

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  9. Hi keesari, I would say the bike for you would be the cbr250r. I am fairly short for a guy roughly 5 7". It is a very forgiving learner bike and has the added bonus of the ABS also great on fuel economy. Enjoy the riding:):biker:.
  10. Ok I'm looking into the suggestions that have been made. I'd rather not spend more than $5000 on my first bike, the less I spend the more I can spend on getting decent safety gear. And probably plan on getting oggys fitted too.
  11. Go the VTR250, I am short legged and mine is easy as to ride and they are pretty light compared to my friends GS500 suzuki...
    Good luck.
  12. $5,000 budget?

    GPX 250 !! You can pick one up for well under $4k, and then you have $1k for quality gear and bike insurance too.
  13. GPX 250. Mine was $1800 and awesome
  14. I'm 22 female, barely 5"3 and I just bought a new ninja 250 about 2 months ago after getting my L's.
    My bike is set on the lowest suspension, and I can't get my feet completely flat grounded while sitting on the bike. It USUALLY isn't a problem, until it comes to trying to reverse the bike and I can't get enough strength/traction on my toes to push it back...(some people have mentioned the possiblility of a lowering kit but I have yet to look into it and don't know much about it).
    Before buying the ninja I sat on the cbr250 and found it was practically the same height.
    All up I'm happy with the ninja but a couple of cm lower would be nice...
    Hope this helps :)
  15. I am 5'1" and can get balls of feet on the ground with the VTR250. Absolutely ok when riding but when you need to park or manoeuvre you need more traction as mentioned by others. Also being stopped on a slope will require you to have some allowance to tilt yourself back upright.

    I got my seat reshaped for comfort and also reduce the height, now I get more traction to move the bike around and am so much more confident and comfortable. I have sat on a CBR250 and I was absolutely tippy toes. Wouldn't want to drop a fully faired bike for sure. I dropped mine a few time during the first week and bent levers and scraped bar ends but no major damage. It maybe be something to think about also esp if you go for a taller bike which will be easier to tip over if you need to lean it a bit to get your foot down.
  16. Sit on a heap of bikes. Find what is comfortable.

    Then throw all that out the window and get a Ninja 250R, which was your first choice.
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  17. I am pretty short too, though a bit taller than you. I started my motorbiking life with a really heavy old bike which had a reasonably low seat height. Then I ended up with a GS500F. It had the same seat height BUT was far lighter (it's 160 or 180kg or something, the original was 230kg) and *that* is what made the difference for me, in terms of being comfortable at a stand still and in reverse.

    TL;DR: Whatever you're sitting on, keep its weight in mind as well as its height. While you're checking flat-footedness and arm lengths, try duckwalking it backwards etc.
  18. Good point on the weight. The GPX is only around 138kg dry. So very light indeed.

    To the OP, are you in Brisbane?