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Bike Advice - Please help

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ac17, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Hi guys - I just got my L's and I'm thinking of getting a 1995-1999 Yamaha XTZ 660 Tenere for my 1st bike.

    (Not this one in particular, but it looks like this: http://www.bikesales.com.au/as/sear...9&previousResultPerPage=20&currentPage=1&x=42

    Some people have said its too powerful and too big and that I should get a 250 (e.g., SPADA or zzr) because it will be easier to learn on and harder to drop (e.g., at traffic lighhts).

    I have to try sitting on one, but as far as touring goes, it just makes sense to me (e.g., why get a 250 then have to upgrade in 12 mths time?)

    What do you guys think?

    Is it harder to ride a 660 than a 250 if you're just starting out?

    I am 165 cms and 60 kgs.


  2. It's really hard to give advice on what bike you should get - you are a little shorter than me, about the same weight, but being a 'bloke' you may handle the extra weight better than me.

    What you really need to do is try the bike, or similar, in person - whether that's just sitting on it, or actually riding it. If you can't ride it, ask if you can wheel it around, see if you can handle the weight - I looked at a Kawasaki ER6, but the seat was too high and it was very top heavy so I crossed it off the list. I got a GPX250 and I'm more than happy with it, and I plan to have it for a few years, so I'm a big advocate of getting a 250 and learning to push it to the limit before you upgrade.

    Others may have advice that makes more sense to you, this is just my opinion and I hope it helps you a little.

    Good luck!
  3. Firstly, how old are you? At your height the Tenere may be to tall in teh seat.
    However, if you're a little more mature, I would not hesitate recommending a larger bike as your first bike, I started off on a Z 650 and nothing bad happened.
    I actually think teh larger LAMS bikes make great learner's bikes, they have more mass, which makes them more forgiving of hamfisted clutch/brake/throttle inputs, have MUCH more torque, which makes them easier to ride (can lug the wrong gear, pull away with not enough revs etc).
    Plus, somethngn like the Tenere is a bike you may not grow out of when yu are more experienced, and may well keep it around as a second bike.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Too powerful? No. Power to weight ratio wise its likely less than a cbr250rr. You simply have torque on your side which makes it easier to ride and more fun. Anyone who says a 600cc single is too much for a learner and far more powerful than a 250cc doesn't know what they're talking about IMO.
  5. Hi again!

    you're all right about the height thing. It could be just too high for me. There's scant info about the spec of that particular model (and conflicting info abounds, at best).

    I have sat on (and rode) a friend's GS500F around the P plater cone test in a car park and it scared me because it was bloody heavy.

    But once you moving along at pace its not heavy. It's just the slow-speed stuff - which having since done my Ls and watched Ride Like a Pro V (all Harley riding at walking pace) makes more sense to me.

    What got me worried about bike size was this guy that lives on my street who drives a Yamaha szr660. I sat on it last night and it didn't feel as heavy as it looked, but he said that his 1st bike was a SPADA and given I was looking at SPADAs and ZZRs as well, he said I should definitely opt for a lighter, smaller bike for my 1st purchase because I WILL drop it and it's heavy to pick up. (plus he said its easier to get the hang of riding on a lighter bike. A few others have said the same thing).

    What do you reckon? (I have no idea what kind of a rider the guy at the pub is, but he is about my size, and a bit younger)

    By the way typhoon, my age is 28. My intent is to stay upright and not get hurt. I don't want to be a traffic-weaving maniac at peak-hour (I have a car for that and I have done very well at it for 10 years or so), rather, my bike purchase is to escape the city and enjoy our less congested roads.

    Also, when I buy it I will be riding up to Port Macquarie with some mates, then (maybe) to Bris on my own (with no time constraints). Would that be dumb so early on, or should I ride to Pot Mac just to see how I am feeling? (I suppose that's a rhetorical question. Ignore it and focus on my original question re choosing a bike).
  6. The "we plan to crash quick" club doesn't wasn't you anyway. They think you smell. :p
  7. The Tenere may share an engine with the SZR but they are very, very different bikes. At 165cm you're going to struggle to even get one foot touching the ground on an XTZ, which combined with inexperience means it's even more likely you're going to drop the thing - often.
    Try looking for a Sachs 650 Roadster - it's similar to the SZR/XTZ in using a single-cylinder dirtbike engine (Suzuki DR650) but is designed for road riding and has quite a low seat height. Unfortunately they're not sold new anymore but there's still a few near-new 2nd hand ones out there.
  8. I purchased exactly what your considering for your 1st, as mine.. with the same thought process in mind... & i couldnt be happier. It has spent a few months off the rd whilst i sourced another cdi box.. but as a first bike, & more imo, they're brilliant. Id done no off road riding, & travelled from bathurst to the gold Coast, on back roads, dirt roads & off road, through water crossings etc, traversing barely 200ks on highway and the bike didnt miss a beat. I did drop the bike twice on the way, with a few scratches now worn with pride. Im just starting to want a little more grunt but theres plenty can be done without needing to change bikes. I think what theyre made for, is the perfect bike for any beginner who wants adventure beyond the tarmac
  9. 8 year old thread resurrection - winner so far this year!!
  10. Lol.. cheers.. dates have never been my strong point...
  11. Like someone said the other day, good to see the search function and archives getting a workout!

    P.s - Pop into the welcome lounge and introduce yourself if you haven't already, you may be able to find some like minded riders in the same area as you ....
  12. Cheers. Will do
  13. Check this site out for specs
    Motorcycle Specification
    If you cant ride a GS500 which has a 790mm seat height, you won't go well on the 865mm seat height on the Yammy
  14. Still cant find the oxymoronish 'welcome lounge'.. figure it must be hiding from me.. Sure appreciate if u might point it out?
  15. Thanks Mika.. Found it sometime after writing that. Cheers for what wouldve been an easy option. Least i know how 2 get there now. Ty