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bike advice needed for learner

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by stu123, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. hey guys how's it going? ok so i'm a complete and utter noob when it comes to bikes so i thought i had better ask for the advice of some of you experienced riders.

    I just got my L's and am very keen to get myself a learner legal bike. I am looking at getting one of the following:

    Honda VT250 Spada
    Honda VTR250
    Honda CB250 (this is the same as the hornet 250 right?)

    Kawasaki ZR250 Balius

    Suzuki GS500

    I;m sure you guys get asked this every day but any advice on which bikes are better and why would be very highly appreciated.

    im hoping to spend less than $3,500 but would probably go up to 4 if i really had to.
  2. GS if u can afford one but problay not goes good handles good lots of power
    Go the spada awsome bike, handles excelanta good power
    VTR not sure u can afford one but if u do good choice
    CB250 too slow dont handle well, relible and cheap

    Hornet is a naked cbr250 from memory no many around
    NFI on the baluise naked fzr250? no many around get a mech check if u get the hornet or balus they get expensive if they break down being 12+yr old i4 250's
  3. What sort of riding are you planning to do? How long are you intending to keep the bike? You can currently get a brand new Yamaha Scorpio OTR for $3990. See what I reckon at the end of the Scorpio thread in the 'Reviews' forum.
  4. just commuting around the city, might ride it from sydney to blue mountains etc but nothing farther than that, thanks man ill check out the thread you mentioned now. what do you think the resell value on the scorpio would be though? because ill probably want to resell it in a year
  5. Hey Stu, you don't need to post identical requests for information in two different forum areas to get our attention... :wink: .....
  6. yeah sorry about that i posted it in this one first then realised there was a special learners section, feel free to delete this one.
  7. nah, no probs, people will read the one that has the most replies and the other one will drop off the 'latest posts' list pretty quickly.

    Opinion here is pretty much equally-divided between the 'buy a new bike and you have warranty and you're not getting someone else's problem" camp and "you're probably going to drop it a few times so buy an oldie and it won't hurt so much" camp :LOL:.

    If it was me, I'd do the latter; I couldn't stand hearing a new bike hit the floor, even if it was just falling over in the driveway (which many new riders seem to do :LOL:).

    I don't think the CB-250 shares one nut or bolt with the 250 Hornet, though :roll:.
  8. Theres a lot of very well looked after second hand bikes anyway, Second hand doesn't have to mean 'bad'. Hell, just walking out of the showroom and your 'new' bike has lost a lot of its value.
    Im one for a second hand bike for learning, they are still great bikes, just without a lot of the risk.
  9. As I may have commented here before (you should do a search on each of the bikes you mentioned anyway to get lots of opinion), everyone who has owned a Spada has nothing but praise for them. I know that's my situation - absolutely loved and enjoyed my Spada to bits. It was utterly reliable, looked cool, handled well and helped me learn to become a better rider. In the price braket you're looking at there's be plenty of good quality private Spadas for sale... they're hard to go past for a beginner.
  10. Hornet & Balius

    Just to update

    Hornet is a Naked & detuned CBR250 & Balius is a Naked & Detuned ZXR250.

    If you go either of these get their Supersport Brothers as much more fun.

    If your not wanting a sports bike save a little and go the VTR250:
    - Cheap to run/register/service
    - Looks awesome (sounds good with a pipe)
    - Really good resale price
  11. you could find some cbr250rr for about 3-3.5 .. look around :)
    their good reliable and got the power to get u outa trouble and vice versa
  12. Spadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspadaspada
  13. Don't do the spada

    DON"T DO THE SPEDA (Spada)

    Sorry I'm sure there a really nice bike!

    However if I owned one I would beat myself up!

    They are the motorcycle equivilent of a pink push bike with multicoloured streamers from the handle bars and those anoying clinker things on the spokes!
  14. Re: Hornet & Balius

    :? How so? The nakeds are every bit as fast as the faired versions - yet are also more comfortable, cheaper to fix/insure, and often cheaper to buy. Only thing they lack is the pose value of a fairing.
    Spada is also an excellent learners bike - but it is on the small side compared with something like the Hornet. Can be a good thing or a bad thing, depends on the rider.
  15. I used to own a Spada and it developed engine problems, two others I know of with Spadas have had engine problems too. We're not talking small fixes so much as full engine replacements. I think they're getting a bit long in the tooth now. The VTR are typically in better condition.
  16. I agree that a VTR is better than a Spada in that it's a lot newer (but not as seksi, to my taste), but you have to remember the OP was looking to spend about three and a half - not too many good VTRs in that price bracket, but heaps of good Spadas. And your tales are the first I've heard of Spadas with engine issues - nothing is 100% bulletproof, especially 19 years on, but they're damn good and reliable bikes.
  17. Well the two other examples I'm speaking of were from Melbourne Netriders. The reason I bought it up is that spending $3.5k on a Spada is fine, but then spending another $1250 on getting another engine fitted isn't. I'm not saying don't buy one - they are a great little bike as long as the engine holds out. But of the three Spada's I have personally known the owners of, all of them had engine troubles (two engines were replaced, possibly three, not sure what the dealer did with mine). Personally I would look at the GPX at around the three grand mark. That's my $0.02.
  18. Yeah, fair enough. After making my comment above I went and checked out Bikesales and there are actually a fair few VTRs under 4 grand, which the OP said he could stretch to.

    The GPX is decent, but to my mind looks the most retro of the faired bikes around.
  19. Oh yeah, and my advice to absolutely everyone is 'get a machanic's check including a compression test before buying any second-hand bike'.