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Bike advice for utter noob

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mattcole, May 24, 2006.

  1. Hi,

    I'm basically completely new to bikes, I'm doing my L's on Sunday. I'm obviously looking to pick up a bike to ride, have sort of decided on a zzr or a gpx (I'm in tassie, we have to have 250s).

    I went to look at a bike the other night, it was a 96 zzr with around 40k on it for $3k. The problem with it was that he had dropped it and the fairing was cracked where the indicator is, and the indicator was basically currently stuck on with black tape. He said he got a quote to replace that part of the fairing for $900 :eek: He'd been riding it as it was and there was no worries with stuff falling off or whatever, it's more just that it looks trash. Poor guy dropped it the first day he had it he said.

    I'm just wondering if that's a big deal or not, or basically it's just a matter of if you can handle riding a bike that has tape on it :D I'm sort of hoping that I could just glue (or something similar) the indicator on instead, but I'm not 100% sure if that will be possible or not.

  2. $900 sounds a bit pricey, you should be able to fix a cracked fairing and indicator for less than that. Find a repairer yourself and remove and replace the panel yourself - save on labour. Probably less than half that to get it fixed properly.

    Or just glue and tape and cable tie it together. Nothing wrong with that.

    What else is damaged? Has the exhaust got much of a mark on it? Handle bars and foot pegs are ok? Mirror? Tank?

    Being a beginner you may find you have a small spill or two yourself as you learn to handle the bike. Maybe a cheaper one with a few scratches is a good idea.

    I started on a ZZR250 and loved it. Great bike. Enjoy.
  3. Not sure about the older ones, however, my 2002 is 750 for side faring and i think it was 120 for the decal, so 900 for an older one may not be far off. My bike fell on its side in a storm and had 3 cracks. cost me 300 to get plastic welded and refinished to original colours (decal was saved) - you can get various quotes around and even save about half the cost if you just get it welded and do the paint up yourself. ZZR is a great bike- ihave had mine for 6 months. Bunabaroo's comments are valid -see if he has the service books - how they are looked after in the early stages often makes the difference in how many problems you have later.
    Good luck
  4. buy it, fix the indicator (thats actually important), thrash it for a year and then sell it. cracked faring only means something to those who make it eman something. ie- it means jack shit :LOL:

    do you guys need RWCs down there for a transfer? if so, make sure it comes with one
  5. Thanks heaps for all the replies guys.

    I'll have another look at the rest of the bike more closely, it seemed fine everywhere else except on the fairing. I was sort of thinking along those same lines, that I would probably drop it (although no doubt it will be on the other side :D ) and I don't really care about the crack itself that much. Apart from the indicator thing can hardly notice it really. I'll ask about the service history too thanks.
  6. Fur v Leather

    Just wanted to say that the point good old coconuts makes about the Fur v Leather debate is an excellent one that had me in stitches!

    Good luck with the bike hunt Matty... I am in the same boat as you mate. New to riding, don't know alot about bikes, doing the test soon. SO I'M NOT MUCH HELP HERE! HOWEVER....

    There's a great article in the Learner Forum at the top.... Things to look for in a used bike. It is very detailed for those of us who don't have the experience in the market place.

    All the best

  7. New/learner rider's and fully faired bikes do NOT go together.

    It's why bike instrucion schools don't use them.

    If you must buy a bike with a full fairing do what I did to Lin's after she destroyed her right side panel.

    She has a ZZR 250. I removed both side fairings, the underbelly, the underbelly bracket. (the bracket catches on things)

    I bought two indicators that match the ones at the rear for $40 a pair.
    I cut thru the wires on the panel indicators, drilled one hole on each side of the headlight fairing which I left in place. Attatched the new indicators each side of the headlight.
    Wired them up.
    Wrapped some black electrical tape around the interior black instrument surround to keep it from moving around, taped it to the headlight fairing.

    Now she has a cool looking ZZR 250 Streetfighter.

    Note: Make sure the front indicators you buy match the wattage of those on the rear or they won't flash.

    If a learner does buy a fully faired bike it would pay to remove the fairing for the first couple of months.

    You can always bolt it back on when you have gained more riding skill.