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Bike advice and cruiser question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ttvj, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Hi all, recently Ive become interested in motorcycles (partially after watching Sons of Anarchy, anyone else seen it?). Ive always liked cars, but bikes seem like a more pure and financially viable alternative to, say, buying a Lamborghini. What I like best is that there is none of the prestige or social climbing that you get with cars. Im not in the market to buy one soon (second year uni, five year degree) but I was looking on bike sales and I noticed alot of the bikes I was looking at (Harley super glides) have nazi runes on them.
    this got me thinking, are any cruiser riders not neo-nazis or criminals? Is there much of a contingency for professional and or decent cruiser riders? (I will be an engineer once I graduate, and for professional, moral and heritage reasons I dont want to be associated with neo-nazism or white supremacy or whatever.)

  2. tumblr_ljh0puClWT1qfkt17.
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  3. If that is your welcome post, then welcome. Have a bit more of a read of some of the forums, like the cruiser group.
  4. Yes don't troll, Harleys biggest customer base are accountants, business people etc. Much as they like to present a bad boy image, it is not born out by their sales.

    I hope whatever degree you are doing teaches a bit of critical thinking,
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  5. No, you're correct. If you buy a cruiser you may as well get a forehead swastika tattoo.
    I mean hell, my wife's mother bought an XV250 and the foot position alone turned her racist.
  6. Buy whatever bike floats your boat, you can always get the thing resprayed if necessary.
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  8. Stick with a cage you failed the intelligence test for bikes.
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  9. Struth

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  10. I can see a Darwin Award coming on with this one
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  11. I can understand your concerns. I bought a Honda VTR, kinda like the poor mans Ducati. And this fact alone is the reason I get mobbed with a lower class of girls.
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  12. Your motorcycle pulls girls? Mine just makes my wife grumpy.
  13. You married one of the seven Dwarfs?
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  14. Do you drink instant coffee as well?
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  15. I think she's all of the seven Dwarfs at this point.
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  16. Wait a minute, I'll be right back!


    OK, all set!
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  17. No need to nasty!;)
  18. I think this thread should be moved to the jokes and humour section.
    I hope the only thing the op is gonna be engineering in the future are face palms. jiFfM.
  19. Is this cruiser image problem the reason why machines such as the Vmax or Diavel exist? Also gunissangunissan why is that popcorn green tinged, is it magic popcorn?
  20. 'Tis the season, it would seem.