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Bike advertising

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spenze, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. I just realised tonight that I don't see any motorbike ads on TV (or hear the radio). I see lots of car, mainly SUV, ads though. Some of those are from manufacturers that make motorbikes too (Honda / Suzuki).

    Without advertising in the "usual" places, then the advertising would seem to be in places where people are already looking for motorbikes. e.g. magazines.

    The only reason I can figure they don't advertise motorbikes, is that the monetary return just isn't high enough?

    Anyone know if there is something more to it?
  2. Because they don't want word getting out that we're pretty much just like every one else (not going to r@pe everyone and burn villages) and because they don't want word getting out that we don't all look like this:

  3. Ducati noosa advertise a fair bit on tv
  4. I came to the same realisation last week after watching a few (good) ads on youtube from overseas.
    Guess our market is too small?!
  5. Last time I saw a manufacturers advert on TV for a motorcycle company ( that I can remember ) was for the the GSXR -- 20 years ago
  6. I was actually quiet surprised when I saw motorbike ads during the motogp and other bike races on 1 hd. Pretty much that is the only time I have seen them on tv.
  7. PS advertise on the radio... you might have heard it but not listened, see if this rings a bell:
    "Normal people go shopping, bike people go to Peter Stevens".

    But yeah that seems to be one exception to the rule, because i haven't seen or heard much else!
  8. yeah i saw an add for radguards during the motogp, i was quite suprised.

    but a local bike shop has a great tv ad thats usually on when motorsports are on, but thats it.
  9. There's usually a few ads for bikes during the MotoGP and WSBK telecasts.

    Around Christmas the local bike shop advertises kids dirt bikes.
  10. small market - tv and radio are for big markets where you want to find lots of people who may not have been looking for you. Ads in bike mags are much more focussed. Occasionally you'll find exceptions - how often do you see shannons run a TV ad that isn't attached to a motorsport or car themed event for example?

    Frence and italian TV has much more two wheeled advertising.
  11. The best bike ad I've ever seen wasn't even a real one... (it was some guy's forum sig):

    Large billboard with a black Yamaha R1 in the center and the words "The only time you will ever pass one on the road" under it.
  12. Quite a few bike ads on One during MotoGP coverage. Thinking about it, I only remember seeing Suzuki's offerings, but that might be because of my habitual use of the mute button to avoid being shouted at every few minutes.

    A few (not all that many, maybe 5) years ago, Suzuki (again) had a few billboard spaces around Perth, advertising IIRC the GSXR.

    The last time I saw a really serious number of motorcycle ads on TV was Honda's "Believe in Freedom" campaign, so many years ago that I'd really rather not know when it was :shock:.

    Just looked it up. 1981. Aaaaaarrrrrrrggh!
  13. The only advertisement I saw was when I'm stuck in traffic every morning and I see about five motorbikes cut straight to the front of the line, that was good enough for me.
  14. There is a gentleman's agreement between the government and the major motorcycle importers that they don't actively advertise their product to people who have not already shown direct interest in the product (ie. those watching bike racing, etc.).
    The importers brokered this deal in the face of a potential total ban, back in the days when casualty rates where much higher than they are now.

    It's not law, it's just 'an understanding'.
  15. You pretty much nailed it with your monetary remark. The only time I'll consider going with a TVC is during ASBK,WSBK or MotoGP.
  16. Sugarplum what an absolutely irresistible Avatar.......you should have a career in marketing sweetie you are wonderfully astute........
  17. What's Marketing......

    More importantly what does 'astute' mean?
  18. Sweetie, when you look that fabulous astride your Tuning Fork, I would forgive you of almost anything
  19. A rat in a mug trumps bike.. either that or a gerbil in the anus.

    So back on track... "astute" for 1 plz?
  20. Fraser's were advertising Harleys on the radio this weekend.. does that count?