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Bike $9000 or under

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by NeddoMac, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Hey i'm 17 and I want to get a moto for 9k or under that can get me around nicely through all types of roads including traffic lights/town and city roads but also winding country roads. I have experience riding dirt bikes and i'm 6 foot 5 inches so i'll need a bigger bike preferably.

    My preferences in a moto:
    - Big enough to be comfortable at my height.
    - Preferably able to seat 2, even if the person on the back isn't very comfortable.
    - Mid to low range fuel consumption.
    - A good looking bike (look at my bike options and you should get an idea of what i like).
    - Most importantly a bike that lasts for a good amount of time and has good power and control through turns.
    - Mid to low maintenance costs, and I won't be doing burnouts on it or speeding to keep that to a minimum.

    I would rather skip the vtr250 learning type of bike as I have experience on dirt bikes already and I have plenty of places I can practice on a bigger bike where I live without any cars coming around. I also know my limits on a new bike and won't do anything stupid.

    Some of the bikes i've found on this forum that I liked the look/feel of are:
    - k6 gsxr 600
    - honda cbr600rr
    - Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja
    - yamaha r6

    I think I can get 1 of these bikes for my budget if i buy properly. If not, tell me and I can remove it from my list. I'd also appreciate suggestions for other bikes you think would suit me but make sure they have the same kind of style as the bikes I listed above. I also prefer a bike that is not too old.

    I also wondered if anyone had any ideas on how to get these bikes to suit someone of my height or will it really restrict me to a small amount of bikes?
  2. That was purely to annoy you.

    Now I have some really bad news. You cannot ride any of those bikes. So here are some others....

    Daytona 675
    Street Triple
    Ducati 749

    And you can't ride any of those either.

    Additionally, your list comprises of sport bikes, all which are ruled out by most of your own preferences in an "moto" (We generally call the motorbikes)

    -No sport bike is comfortable, and since the ones your after are all designed for tiny people, will be excruciatingly painful. Good times
    -Mid to low range in a sport bike? Crack the throttle open and you can nearly see the fuel gauge going down.
    -Maintenance will be high, and so will consumables (Oil, Tires) irregardless of speeding or burning outing.

    In summary, your doing it wrong. But I will try to be constructive because I don't want to be attacked by the other forumites for being an out and out dick.

    You DO want to start on something like a VTR250, primarily because your legally obligated to, but also because despite your time in dirt (Which is somewhat different to asphalt) you know nothing about the intricacies of riding a road bike. Everybody (In Australia at least) has to start small and somewhere. And whilst it can be hard with everyone on here talking about all their new kick arse super bikes, and all our friends waiting for you to unveil an insane sport bike with a 0-300 time of -30 seconds, its a sad, but important reality that that is never how it works. In the end, you wont regret sticking to the little guys, at least until you have a grasp of how to ebb and flow around traffic, instead of becoming a solid target in the center of it.

    Here are some bikes which you should suit your situation. And yes, they're all pretty small, but I can guarantee there are taller and fatter people out there that have got on just the same.

    -VTR250 / Spada
    -CBR250R / RR

    -GSF250 Bandit
    -GSX-250F Across

    -FZX 250 Zeal

    -ZZR250 / GPX250 / Ninja 250r
    -ZXR250 / ZX-2R

    They're all fairly good bikes, and very solid, check them all out and then come back.
  3. ^^ Listen to the man, he knows what he is talking about. zeker has already responded by saying eveything I would have and more. Although his list of bikes you can ride has one obvious omission from the Suzuki section, the GS500. It is a good bike for the larger rider in need of a LAMS motorcycle. It is plenty roomy and is fairly grunty as far as lams bikes go. And it also looks like the GSXR600 you said you liked... if you squint.... from a distance.
  4. Now here is a level headed 19 year old! Great to see. :)
  5. bull shit.

    you've sat on every sportsbike? and how does this make it not comfy for him? and all those others who ride sportsbikes 600km+ a day? they will be no goldwing, but dont go saying theyre not comfortable. im sure you can find something that is. they're not all the same just coz they have clip-ons and a forward position.

    and high maintenance? im pretty sure the service interval is pretty similar for most jap bikes. my VTR250 is 6000km. a GSXR1k would be around this no doubt, give 1k or so. not high, needs service every 2000km.

    short of that, your post made a bit of sense. except the intro quote lol. important thing is the legal side.
  6. The simple fact is that sports bikes are generally less comfortable than sports tourers which are generally less comfortable than tourers.

    Secondly 600kms in a day is only a moderate distance, on a comfortable bike (ie a tourer) it's possible to do 1500kms days without feeling like a pretzel at the end of it.

    Definition of comfortable? "The bike can do an iron butt ride comfortably".
  7. What are the limits for P plates in W.A?
  8. You wouldn't fit on the latest 1000cc versions of those you listed, let alone the 600cc versions.

    If you were looking at doing it legally and if WA has LAMS you'd probably like the GS500, otherwise a naked 250 with an upright seating position would be the way to do your time.
  9. Motorcycle with or without a side car attachment with an engine capacity not exceeding 250cc. :(

    What bike would you recommend for an R class bike if I was to do my year as an R-E
  10. being 6"1 or 2 i struggled on the across which was supposed to be one of the bigger 250's roadbikes.

    if you cant ride any of those....

    get a ttr250. you know dirtbikes, they have a nice high seat, low maint. not rocket ships but hey what can you do at least you will fit on it and can wheelie it. save the rest for the nextbike
  11. Also for deciding my L/P bike The ones on your list I liked were:

    -GSF250 Bandit
    -FZX 250 Zeal
    -Ninja 250r

    Which ones do you guys think would be good for me to do my L's and P's on and possibly continue using for a while after i'm off my P's.

    And after I saw the TTR250 I would get that also if I could use that on the road.
  12. ttr250 will be fine for the road. i know people who commute every day on TTR,DRZ,KLX 250's. the light weight and tourqey single are allot more fun in the city than a 600

    so long as you are not doing too much fwy as they suck a little with that. they can do 130km/h with my arse on them but not great for long stints. and they can be wheelied allot easier than a twin or i4 250.

    the new klx is the pick of the bunch of them at they are the most modern and road friendly, next would be the drz with its digital dash ect. the ttr,xr are a little more pov-pack however the ttr has the highest seat from memory.
  13. go for a honda hornet 250. Size of the 600 with the learner motor in it.

    Do not think that you dirt riding is going to make you a master on the street; example:

    A workmate who is 28 has been riding on dirt since he was 7, thats 21 years on dirt. He recently got his 250 licence and bought a ZZR250. After his first week of riding on the road he confessed to me "how farkin scary it is out there" He was shocked that you had to deal with other people around you, staying in a lane, cars trying to kill you. Simple things like operating indicators and such took a decent amount of re-training for him.

    I hope you stick with it, get yourself a good 250, learn to ride the road and build your skill set.

    Good luck.
  14. At 6'5" I think that there's a lot of bikes out there that you won't fit on comfortably. My opinion is that the list quoted above would more likely be:

    -VTR250 / Spada (Spadas look bigger than a VTR to me)
    - Hornet 250
    - used CB400

    -GSF250 Bandit
    -GSX-250F Across (there's been a comment above about the Across not being as suitable for bigger people as suggested)

    -FZR250R (maybe not - may be squishy like a CBR250RR)
    -FZX 250 Zeal

    -ZXR250 / ZX-2R (these are meant to be in a similar category for size/fit as the Across from opinions I've heard in the past)

    - Monster 600/620/650 (or whichever one is LAMS / you're allowed to ride)

    You've got the dirt/road bikes as well of course. From everything I've seen and read, a GS500 (naked or faired) is probably the best one to choose as a starter if you can't get a CB400. This is all my opinion of course so go and check them out for yourself. Good luck in finding a suitable starter for the road. :)
  15. Given your height I would say go for motards. I like that Suzuki whatever 400. Friend has one and I find it a nice bike.
  16. I was under the impression that WA didn't have LAMS. Which would mean that anything over 250cc isn't an option (correct me if I am wrong of course).
  17. the wr250x's are a tasty bit of kit. they are a motarded wr250r for anyone who dosent know
  18. "I'm 6'5""and none of you mentioned the hyosungs?

    The Hyosung 250's are considerably bigger than the other road 250's mentioned although not fast do look good.