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bike 2 bike/rider 2 pillion communication.. opinions wanted

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ronin11, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. okay, so ive been thinking a bit.. and giving ebay a caining, and ive had a thought, not a new one, but one i havent seen mentioned over here.

    we've all heard of these blueant and other bike to bike communications devices.. and ive heard there is 1 common issue.. you can only really talk to 1 other person.. great if there is only 2 of you.. but sometimes it may be handy, and fun, to be able to talk to a number of different people on those long boring road cruises such as the freeway run to phillip island or something.. i was watching the movie SWAT (dont ask, i was bored) and all the shooters were wearing something similar to this

    now, half a dozen people buy hand held CB's, or something of the like, hook up one of these each, and now you can have a conversation between as many people as you want as long as they are on channel. most if not all the same style come with both VOX and PTT, and im sure there are some techno-geniuses out there that could come up with ways to wire in the PTT to say the high beam switch or something on the bike too..
    would love to hear peoples thoughts on these.. at the end of the day, to set up, all you'd have to do is buy a radio, get a compliant headset.. and a group of people with a similar setup.. and away you go. think if how easy group rides would be if even just lead rider and TEC had these.. keeping groups together and on the right path would be made much easier id imagine...
  2. VOX on a motorcycle? Good luck with that :)

    Even a throat mic will be hammered by the wind.

    I use an interphone that can be paired with 5 devices. Granted you can only chat to one at a time.

    I thought the feature was a bit wanky until I tried it in Tassie. It was awesome being able to be told there is nothing coming around that blind bend ;)
  3. http://www.dmme.com.au/Budget Bike to Bike.htm

    I've been looking at this. I have the radio already so I just need the headset and PTT.

    I think the speakers in the helmet lining would be better than an earpiece and if you want to talk while riding you really need the PTT on the handlebars.

    The phone/mp3 option would be good too if the budget goes that far.
  4. VOX you dont have to use.. alot of them have PTT vic, which would be handy, and they dont use air vibration to create transmissions, they use direct voicebox vibration.. some of these things are used by SOG etc around gunfire and other shit to communicate, so who knows. i doubt its even been tried in aus.. i think the thing is getting a few suitable radios, charging stations, all tuned the same, im guessing that might be the expensive bit..

    thats the exact reason im thinking of.. that and TEC letting a lead rider know a few bikes are caught at the red.. or someone goes the wrong way.. it has a few pro's over a blueant or similar.. but i dont know the cost of radio'sthat it would be suitable for..
  5. ive used the blue and interphones and they are awesome, work quite well with reasonable range and awesome cancelling on most of the wind noise

    we had a work around to get 3 people on, 2 at a time.

    each set (via a combination button press) is set to basically a or b and an a will only pair with a b while bid ride. so an rider with an a would signal to intended b rider and they push the connect button, the b set finds a and connects, either b riders could do it.

    that may not make much sense but it does in my mind

    vox would probably suck bad cause of the wind.
  6. Nolan N-Com
  7. VOX works alright on my Starcom1 Advance going into a CB radio....? The mikes supplied are highly directional and the noise-floor sensitivity can be adjusted so that the wind noise isn't loud enough to trip the mikes.

    Admittedly, without the adjustable 'squelch' on the microphones, the VOX would be tripping constantly and the broadcast would be nothing but wind noise even when I'm talking.

    I really only use PTT (mounted near my highbeam switch), though - otherwise my horrible singing gets broadcast over the truckie channel. :p :LOL: