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biike pic of the day... wtf?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dje, Jan 4, 2007.

  1. pretty funny... original....


  2. It's called a wheelie, whats so funny?

    I mean, in the spirit of saving weight and all...
  3. what part of the Front wheel Missing did you miss :rofl:
  4. Getting it up there I get...
    the only way I can see you brining it down is by ditching the bike, and i am looking at his gear and thinking... Ouch.
  5. These guys wheelie very slowly.... When it is time to stop, flip it backwards, onto your feet and then lay the bike down.... Almost like a "Drag Stand"... Well, in this case you may have to just drop the bike.... after all it is a big road bike.
  6. I demand a stoppie on the same bike!
  7. Theres been videos of Christian Pfeiffer doing wheelies with a bike with only the back tyre on so it's not that original :) (And they have been posted on here)
  8. Get a load of the family size pizza on the back wheel :shock: :shock:
  9. ROFL!!

    So, how does he turn?
  10. Guys, guys!
    That bike is totally stolen! Look!


  11. same way as any one else would... hea leans
  12. now thats bloody clever :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Cheers :cool:
  13. Pissa. :rofl:

    Imagine getting fully kitted up. walking out to ya bike to see that shit lying there. :mad: