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bigpond cable?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by peter-reebok, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. been with Ozemail/iinet since the early nineties. from dialup to adsl. ADSL2 not even available in my area according to IInet.

    been looking at bigpond cable, since the NBN 'may' be connected to my area by 2021, or 2045, they havent decided yet.

    Any feedback from bigpond cable users?

    I normally use 30gb per month, so was thinking of the 50gb plan.

    Am looking at motogp videopass so I can keep up with motogp properly this year, hence the change decision.

    Feel free to suggest other alternatives TPG, dodo?
  2. I moved from TPG to Bigpond several months ago. TPG told me that I was unable to get ADSL2 in my area (Rowville) and my average speed on downloads was 17kbs. Switched to Telstra who gave me ADSL2 and my download speed has jumped to 500kbs-900kbs.
    I can download a full movie in around 15minutes now. Of course I don't download anything copyrighted.
    I have a 200gb limit, yet with all the downloading I do, my average is about 50gb per month.
  3. Pitty you missed the great Telstra Bundle they had in Jan of phone and internet for $78 a month (200G8).
    Cable is awsome if it available and you want to get the Ultimate speed version upto 100GB. Cable is a shared system so if a lot of users are on at the same time there is some lag but generally video streamimng and stuff is very very fast. If you have a large number of Wifi Users I recommend turning the bigpond modem into a bridge modem and gettinga quality router. The Bigpond ones ae good but not great for high bandwidth work loads.
  4. So, being a set and forget man for so long, what do i do about email address?
    Guessing it will change with a new provider, amd i will have to reset everything and every forum /account etc i use?
  5. Shouldn't even be asking as cable is the best you can get so far, you'd be mad if u have cable available to you and its not connected
  6. I have bigpond cable (100mb). I love it. very fast. I can download about 4-5MB per sec. I'm in the city tho, not sure if you'd get that speed where you are.

    I agree with the decent router if you use wifi. I have a netgear rangemax. Newer ones are even better now.

    Email, I switched to a gmail account years ago for that reason. So annoying to change your email address all the time. If you use gmail (I love it btw) then you can access your email whenever you want (from where ever has internet access) and you don't need to change it if you change providers. If you check with your current provider, you may be able to set up a forward on your current email address for a while.
  7. Gave Telstra a call, and 100MBps is available, and can do self install.

    200gb/month and home phone, wifi gateway etc etc and supply modem - $90 per month - will be installed later this month.

    existing was 30gb per month, adsl, at max 1.5mbps, for $59, home line rental $30, so no need to prognosticate or delay, just ordered it.

    Motogp videopass here i come, movie streaming, world is my oyster!.
  8. I've used BigPond Cable for about 6 years (2001-2007) and never had a problem. Now using BigPond ADSL 2+ since 2007 and it's been great as well. I do have the ocassional slowness but overall has been great.
  9. I signed up for the 78 a month bundle which gives me 100mbps speeds and 200 gig worth of downloads along with my homeline budget line rental. that's a fantastic deal.
    Downloading 3 bluray version movies at a time in 1/2 an hour is awesome.
    downloading 150mb file sizes in less than 30 seconds is awesome, streaming videos on a laptop, another on an ipad and downloading files all at the same time is just too good.
    I was a happy netspace/iinet customer but this deal was too good to refuse.
  10. Just a tip for all telstra customers...
    Make a habit of checking their website every few months for new packages and better deals they put together as they don't inform existing customers of the new deals as they leave it up to you.

    I went on a 100gig home plan including full speed broadband, foxtel, home line, and better deal with mobile late last year.
    Few weeks ago realised I could be paying same price for same plan now but with 200gig, better mobile and/to home call rates, etc.
    They were happy to let go previous contract without fees as long as I restarted from now with the 200gig package..

    So remember, keep well informed of current packages..

    Oh by the way, once you get used to the speed of broadband cable, it's hard to go back to any other online connection.
  11. I've got Bigpond elite cable (bundled with homephone) 200 gb per month.

    Most downloads are usually around 3-4 Mb/s..... good enough for me!
  12. I've got cable in my area yet I don't have it connected. 200GB might be heaps for most people, but not in my house. When there is TRUE unlimited cable, similar to TPG's true unlimited adsl2 for $70/m then I might switch. I get download speeds of 1.6MB/s to 1.9MB/s with TPG adsl2 (sync at 2MB/s, <1km from exchange), which is OK for 2TB a month.
  13. yeah, 200GB with telstra isn't the same as 200GB with most others either. Telstra include UPLOAD data, not just download. I often have to manage my usage towards the end of a month to make sure I'm not throttled. I make do tho.
  14. #14 peter-reebok, Apr 4, 2012
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    Coming from 30 gb per month. Will probably get by. Ads with iinet is prob closer to 800 kbps so even if I get 30 mbps I am way in front.
    And all for 5c per month more

  15. Actually most isp's now include upload data, iinet do for sure hence the greater dl limits.
  16. I still cant hit 50GB per month on my 200 GB plan. Maybe I need to DL some more Blueray stuff LOL