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Biggest Upgrade?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by modern_ninja, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. So I just bought a new bike.

    But first the old bike:

    '02 Honda CT110

    Yep, postie bike. Taught me how to ride. It was actually impossible to speed on it (it did 82k/hr flat to the bar) and started every single morning. After 6months of trying, i've buggered the gear box and changing gears is a problem.

    I use my bike to commute on, so i was kinda stuck and I went shopping.

    The new bike:

    '08 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

    Took 30mins for my hands to stop shaking from the adrenaline after the first ride. Now i'm used to it and loving life. Lets face a ninja a great deal sexier than a postie bike.

    Then I got thinking, surely someone has made a bigger step up than that.

    What was your "upgrade"? I'm not talking about a 600 to a 1000 (ie scary fast to really scary fast). I'm talking going from something really slow to something that breaks the speed limit real easy :cool:

  2. My upgrade doesn't exactly break the speed limit, but I went from a 250cc to an 1100cc in one go.
  3. how slow was the 250 and how fast is the 1100?
  4. Im going from my VTR 250 to a CB 1100, its a much bigger bike with a bigger engine but its not a balls to the wall speed demon, so I should be fine :), Ill let you know how it works out next year.

    Theres a P plater on netrider with a busa, thats about as big a jump as you can get I think...
  5. I went from a 600 to a 1200. I didn't really notice the extra power, but my god the extra torque in the mid range was amazing and addictive.
  6. I went from a 600 (582cc) to a 750, not the world's most extreme upgrade capacity-wise but it's still roughly twice the power - which you definitely notice.
  7. I upgraded from a VStar 650 to a Boulevard M109r (1800cc). No dramas.
  8. Modern ninja, my 250cc was 21hp, the 1100cc is 65hp. (not a massive hp still but has plenty of grunt and torque).
  9. From 0cc and 1gruepower to a CBR 600. No big deal with a bit of self discipline.

    Frankly, waiting all the way through Ls and Ps without a bike was the hardest part.
  10. Scooter 50cc to a 1130cc!
  11. Bingo!

    How was the first ride? Had you ever riden something like that before? See i literally stepped straight onto the ninja without any experience of bigger bikes. One of the best days of my life :biker:

    What kind of scooter was it and what was your new bike?

    Aren't they cruisers?

    @grue: too right buddy... No bike is too big if you have a bit of self control... In my humble experience, i've found self control is much easier when you can't afford to replace what ever it is you are pushing to limit :D
  12. Scooter was a piaggio I think, cannot remember it exactly, but what I do remember of it was that it went slow as piss! The bike I moved up to was a tnt cr1130..

    I just hopped on and gave it a great deal of respect making sure I was always "smooth" so she wouldn't bite me.
  13. Test road a daytona recently. That bike is a mental. Jumped back on my spada and thought it was stuck in third or fourth.

    However, there is nothing like the feeling of the first ride. Sense of speed is beyond anything else I have experienced.
  14. '81 suzuki gn 250 (~23hp)
    pick up my '10 bandit 1250sa in a couple of weeks (~100hp)
    frightened the hell out of me when I first got on it but I got off it with an ear to ear grin.
    Though I suppose I test rode progressively faster bikes before it (GS500, V-strom 650, Gladius, GSXF650)
  15. You got a thing for Suzuki's????
  16. I went from a Dora the Explorer 6V ride-on to a turbobusa.
  17. O_O
    I hadn't even realised
    they were just what the guys at Mick Hone/Peter stevens recommended haha
    The GN was my Granddad's bike.
    I actually have a thing for Triumphs but I can't afford what I want.
  18. It's alright, my first bike was a GN250, followed by a GR650 then a GSX600F. I now have a Bandit 1200s.

    Why have I bought Suzuki's, for no other reason than they were the bike that I could best afford at the time, but not necessarily the bike I wanted.
  19. Years ago I had a viagra 250, and that thing was a damn pig, but I was on my Ls, rode that around for a few though clicks, soon after I brought a Hyosung gt650 (please dont laugh) but the 650 blew me away, even though it was tame by bigger bike standards, (I sold it by the way).
  20. Started with a VT250f, 159kg and 35hp factory specs + 26 years of ageing
    then to a VFR800fi which is 230kg and 110hp

    First time I decided to open the throttle right up i almost thought I was gonna fall off the back. Now its just fun :)
    The test ride was a bit touch and go on a few occasions.. was hard to be smooth with the throttle when the grip was spinning on the handlebar (both sides). Any time I tried to relax my hand a little it snapped the throttle shut without warning.
    Got that sorted, and a few days later was smiling all the way home