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Biggest lowball that worked?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Vertical C, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Whats the biggest lowball youve ever had accepted?

    Mine is 16.7% $5000 from $6000 on zx6 2006.

    Whats your biggest lowball that worked?

  2. I have actually accepted one that was for 6200 on a yz250f, I was asking I think 7500 or 7800 and It was barely two years old :/... It was about 8 years ago... I think I've suppressed the memory well because it's pissed me off just thinking about it!
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  3. 50%........ $400 on an ask of $800 for an 83 XJ900 last year. Although he was down to $600 on the phone, does that count? Flicked on ebay a month later after a clean for $1350 :)
  4. Ha fckwit of the year must surely have my name on the plaque
    $17,100 for the 2015 MY 2016 model Kwaka Z1000 to be offered $11000 tops now...:devil: Izabeenhad...up the kyber methinks
  5. Wait a little longer Maid.
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  6. Keep it......just saying
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  7. I'm selling a 99 wrx that needs work for $4000 , some skank messages me with a generous offer of $400 ! 10% lowball offer, hilarious
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  8. So what is an 'acceptable ' low ball offer? 30% below asking?
  9. Look if you are haggling in a market fair enough but I still think that $11000 is obscene. I guess I would have probably jumped at $13500 given that they already made a good profit selling it to me in the first place.
    I told them in their dreams plus they won't see my business in any shape of form ever again...servicing or tyres etc included.
    I f you think 30% of $13500 you would offer me ~$9000.
    Depends on how inflated the asking price is or isn't.

    As I said I guess I am not in the real world with either riding or selling/buying bikes :(
  10. Unfortunately buying new always results in a big hit in the first year or so.

    I avoid new cars/bikes for this reason as can't justify the massive depreciation hit.

    Just be patient I am sure you will find the right buyer.

    Surprisingly I have had more luck with Gumtree then bikesales when I sold my previous bikes. You could also put on eBay and set a reserve.
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  11. I'm upset your selling OldmaidOldmaid just when you've inspired countless mature ladies to get a bike.
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  12. I think the owners sell price, and for that matter RRP in general, is relevant only for the yes/no decision.
    Supply and demand will meet and tell you the price.
    Don't be offended by lowballs.
    There are more high balls by sellers than lowballs by buyers.
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  13. I don't deal with lowballers. I set my asking price at the price I want to bank, not at an inflated one, and I do not discount - ever! Take it or leave it.. I have turned many a fcukwit away
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  14. Well today I still would like to ride (maybe...) and spotted a nice Ducati Monster 796 2011 with only 6570km (gawd maybe my alter ego owned this one lol)
    Asking $11,990 but there is the Zeddee factor...
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  15. These guys seem happy to accept low balls:
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  16. Can they tie them in a knot, can they tie them in a bow, do their balls hang loooooow? :singing:

    Such a boy thing...girls spend their time trying fight gravity and to be pert and purty...:woot:
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  17. i think you need to get back on a small, light bike and find that excitement of riding again.
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  18. I agree but how do you decide what is not inflated...by averaging bikesales prices for the same bike or by getting new price and applying some sort of depreciation to it?
    Out of interest what would you price a October 2015 compliance plated Kwaka Z1000 with ~3000 km on it? In excellent condition good meat on tyres, shorty adjustable levers.
  19. Yup go sit on the Monster - you'll find it a lot easier due to 770 seat, and easy means confidence. GLWS of Zeddee, gotta be a buyer somewhere...patience is the key.