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biggest cruiser for provisional rider

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by RonR, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    I have just recently passed my P's test and am wishing to upgrade my Yamaha FZX250 Zeal. I am in the market for a cruiser bike and have been looking at the Yamaha XVS650, Honda VT750, and the Suzuki VL800. However according to the RTA website, the honda VT750 and Suzuki VL800 are not on the list of approved bikes for novice riders. I have seen some places advertise the VT750 as a learner legal bike. Is this true? I am in Sydney and i wonder if the laws and regulations are different to other states. Reason being is that i really want to get a Suzuki VL800 or Honda VT750 but if an XVS650 is the limit then this might have to do.

    I am 5'10" and i don't want to be cramped on a smaller bike. Anyone have any comments about the XVS650? Pulling away from lights, uphill etc? My Zeal runs out of puff uphill unless you are straining it to above 12,000rpm. Will the XVS650 have any trouble like this?


  2. The VT600 is approved, but it isn't a rocket, thats for sure.

    I think the RTA website lists a "shadow" as an approved bike, so maybe a loop hole there to get the 750 shadow.

    After watching Conan (on his unrestricted Hyosung 650) on the Oxley weekend tearing up the place, have you thought about some of the bikes with the restricters in 'em??? (and take them out illegally as no police will know on the side of the road anyway and just re-restrict when come time to sell)

    I thought there is a bigger cruiser that you could do this with.

    Just a thought.
  3. There are no bikes greater than 660cc on the Learner Approved Motorcycle List. Those bikes of less than 660cc that exceed a certain power to weight ratio are also banned from the list.

    None of the bikes on the LAMS list are what I'd call fast but most of the 600 class bikes will have enough torque to pull a rider along fine.

    You could do a lot worse than the XVS650 by the way...
  4. unfortunately, once the engine has ben derestricted, you cant go back apparently. its covered in the current issue of AMCN.
  5. moved to bike reviews, thoughts & suggestions.

  6. Hi Ron
    So what have you chosen ?
    i had the difficult decision of the shadow 750 or the suzuki 800 and i finally decided on the Suzuki 800 (C50 )i upgraded April 2007 from my GV 250 Hyosung aquila and i Really love the boulevard i cant fault it
    i did have the seat sculptured as i found it too hard on long distances
    and didnt like the feeling of sitting On the bike, instead of In the bike

    just yesterday i went on a ride and when i fueled up my hubby done the calculations and i had ridden 200klm for 8 litres ,we wernt cruising home either :cool: he said i need to ride harder :LOL: as that is good fuel ecconomy,although mine has nearly every accessory that can be bought from the usa :dance: weighing approx 300 kilo
  7. XVS: nah your not too short for it should be a good size for you, itl make you look smaller though cos its a long bike and when i let a mate sit on mine he looked like a pipsqueek. nah mate just kiddin youl grow...

    Its a good bike, but dont just settle for it, it aint the type of bike you just settle for. believe it, make sure you are serious because it will begin you a real love affair maybe an expensive one. And attract them 2

    As for power, I wouldnt say no to a turbo but its no snail, especially with a good air kit and exhaust, some people get wheelspin in second after a tune once modified. Never run out of puff up a hill, only time that happened was to and from the gong.

    Dont be a goose and buy new unless its being bought for you. Is it?
  8. "So what have you chosen ? "

    Hi LadyRider, thanks for the reply. I really like the Suzuki VL800 Volusia and also the Honda VT750 (Suzuki cos it has more oomph and has had really good reviews, and it looks sweet!), however it looks as though i can't ride one of these legally on my P's. RTA approved bike list for novices states that bikes can be no more than 660cc and have no more than 150kW per tonne of power. Having said that the list does say Honda Shadow (??which one??) So as Jeffatav above stated, there may be a loophole. Plus the Honda has a power:weight ratio of 147kW/tonne or so. So it's just under.

    I have been looking more and more at the XVS650 V-star and it looks really nice, but i wonder if i'll get sick of the power after a while and kick myself for not buying the forbidden Suzi. hmmmm...

    I remember sitting on an 650 V-star about 6 months back and it felt really good. Didn't take it for a spin cos i didn't have my L's at the time. I just don't want to look like i'm riding a toddler sized bike like the virago 250.

    Bottom line: Needs good GO from standstill (enough to leave traffic behind - at least a little), good POWER up hill, and good LOOKS.

    If the XVS does all that then I'm more than satisfied :)

    Cheers for the replies :)

  9. Oh and it's not being bought for me - unfortunately :) Gotta crack open the piggy bank and sell the Zeal. Then raid the church collection plates for the mods. hehe
  10. Good luck buddy I bet youl be happy, not worth buying new though, to give you an idea I listed mine for sale not long ago for ~ 6 k... 70,000k~ 98 Dragstar running stunning.

    keep an eye out for one with pipes and an air kit on it already, msg me if you have any questions. Ride cool ;)
  11. lol
  12.  Top
  13. surprising how expensive accessories are for these things. hmmm....


    will try to find one fully decked out
  14. Cheers Dario,

    that one looks very tempting. Long ride back tho :grin:

    Will keep an eye out :shock:

    thanks again
  15. I think you might be over-estimating your power needs. Certainly the 650 is going to have a lot more on tap than your 250, and it's comfortably big enough. And it's a cruiser - it's not as though ball-tearing acceleration away from the lights is the *point*...
  16. Hey Ron, the other thing that hasn't been asked, how long are you on your restrictions for? If you've only got 12 months to worry about, then why not see it out on the Zeal, and upgrade to a grunty one later?

    It's only the Shadow 600/650 that's LAMS approved. The others, while they may be under the power to weight ratio, still exceed the 660cc limit.

    So instead of getting a 650 V-star or something that still only has a learner-approved amount of power, why not suck it up and get a tough ba$tard not too far down the track? I can imagine you'd soon find the V-star lacking anyway.
  17. I only just picked up my P's so i have 12 months to go.

    My Yamaha Zeal is a 250cc 4 cylinder with not much grunt down low (below about 8-10,000rpm). It has 40HP @ 12,000rpm and 26Nm @ 9,500rpm. It weighs about 150kg (dry). Compare this to the XVS650 which has 40HP @ 6,500rpm and 51Nm @ 3,000rpm and weighs about 220kg. Having never ridden an XVS650 before i can't tell how it will go. I might be pleasantly surprised with the performance and stick with it for years :) Theoretically and practically, the Zeal is faster but only when you rev it to 12,000rpm which i hate doing. I generally don't go over about 8-10,000rpm. However the speed isn't such a big factor for me. I'd prefer pulling power. Something that won' require me to change down 2 gears to get somewhere.

    I should really take an XVS for a test ride, but then i don't like dealers looking at me with dollar signs in their eyes :shock:

    And stubborn me, i don't want to wait a year to upgrade to a fire breather.

    Will the RTA just not allow you to register the bike if it's not on the approved list? or do they not even look at the bike details?

    Hehe, sounds like i'm getting desperate :grin:

    Cheers again!
  18. Assuming the RTA works the same as the Tasmanian system (which I'm guessing it would, given they copied it), you can apply to have a bike LAMS approved if it's not on the list. This of course is at your cost, and you need to get a mechanic's/engineer's report to show that the bike complies with the LAMS requirements of no more than 150kW per tonne, and less than 660cc. So the 750 Shadow and the Suzuki are both out on size alone, regardless of engine power.

    I still think you should wait 12 months :p Even torque is addictive, if not more so than outright power. You are right, you may end up happy with the capabilities of the V-star. But if you don't, do you really want to be buying another bike in 12 months?

    The only real way to find out is to go and test ride one. Maybe even get in on a group ride and see if there's someone with one to let you take it for a spin?
  19. pm sent
  20. Cheers Dario. Thanks for the offer. As things have turned out, I am actually picking up an XVS650 Classic 2moro!! :grin: '02 model with 10,000km. Black. Went for a spin and was really happy with the performance. The Zeal just doesn't compare to power of this thing. What a great bike. Can't wait to take it for a real ride :) YAY!!!!

    Thanks again all. You've been great.