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Biggest bike douche ever

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Morbo28, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. lol wtf?

    you think he was trying to do a burn out or something? the people standing near/in front of him were friggin nuts too.
  2. I liked near the end where he fell over. Got a good laugh out of that. :LOL:
    As one of the comments said:
    CBR for sale, low ks, dropped once, rev limiter works well. :LOL:
  3. Wonder what tyres he's using - those things grip really well :LOL:
  4. only in america? More dollars then sense?
  5. Got to hand it to the man -- his final trick is quite impressive.
  6. I like that everyone was telling him to shut it off - one guy even hit his kill switch for him...if only he'd taken their advice!
  7. Was hoping to see him launch into orbit. Video would have been better imo.
  8. Looks more like Poland/Eastern Europe to me.
    But more dollars than sense would still apply.
  9. .............
  10. the ending is pure brilliance
  11. better than crashing at high speeds..............the guy just seemed like an idiot.

    SEEMED LIKE? hehehehehe

  12. Croatian/Croatia
  13. My mechanical sympathy may never recover...
  14. Maybe he was trying to change fork seals and needed to pop the old ones out?

    Someone really should have got him some oil, now that would have been funny, if he actually got it spinning anything could have happened.
  15. Standard Honda riders really.
  16. Makes me want to give my bike a big hug everytime I see people doing that to their machines.