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Bigger tire on GPX question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Glennb, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Hi all. Im looking at putting a 130/90 tire as you dont seem to be able to get 130/80 r16 anymore.has anyone else done this and had any trouble? How much will this effect my gearing? I do want a bit more power up hi and a slightly lower reving at cruising speed. Should this do the job?

  2. Ah the curse of 16" wheels.
    However, I'd be more inclined not to over-tyre the bike if all you want to do is change the gearing. It will be cheaper to change the sprockets, I believe.
  3. The local Kawasaki shop put a 130/90 on jodies GPX250 for the same reason.

    It makes the speedo a 5kph out at 100kph and gives a few more revs at highway cruising speed.

    Doesn't seem to effect the handling noticibly.
  4. hey Glenn, forget what I said, he owns one! :p
  5. I put a 130/90 on my one, when I had it. No real difference in how it went/handled, other than the fact you can't get anywhere near the edge of the tyre when you're cornering. You'll touchdown pegs and centrestand long before that.

    Put a 45-46 rear sprocket on the rear if you want to improve acceleration. Drop it down to 41 or perhaps put a 15-16 on the front if you want to drop the revs cruising.
  6. Cheers guys, The tires a must as it is wearing down but I was looking at changing the gearing before this to a 15/47=.31915 final gear ratio which I feel would of been good for what i want but now i have too change the tire which will give me a a too bigger final gear ratio with the 15/47.
    Does anybody now if I can get 46 or 48 teeth for my bike?? I did ring one place and said only 45 or 47.