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Bigger Petrol Tank Mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Bosi72, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    I need to travel more than 250km on one tank which is currently standard for Honda CB900F6. Ideally I will be travelling 500km, but 350km will be Ok too. Has anyone heard about replacing standard with some non-standard (or from other bike make/model) tank ?

  2. Why not just carry a Super Cheap five litre for that one off trip? Easily strapped to a rack or in a pannier.

    The five litres should go close to an extra 100kms for you. So where are you taking a CB900 that needs 350km range?
  3. You 'need' to? Bigger tank probably is too much hassle as I'm pretty sure the hornet is already 19L and bigger tanks are only what, not that much more than 24? Trying to fit it for the 5 extra litres + the cost of the tank itself would be annoying.

    Actually alex, remember when we went to that bmw store on the central coast, a guy there had rigged up an extra square type tank on the back seat, and it fed into the tank when needed. If you 'need' to do 350-500kms you could rig something up similar to that.
  4. time for another bike
  5. Hi Toecutter,
    Thanks for suggestion, but I need something on a long run (ideally bigger petrol tank).
    The idea is to ride from Oz to Europe, but at the moment whole project is in planning phase; realisation is expected to be in 3-5 years. Rehearsal will be Melb-Perth-Melb.
  6. GTR 1000. 28.5 litre tank, 380-410 kms, depending on how you ride.
    Enough room to strap on another 10 litres with ease, and still carry luggage.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Replace 'I need to travel' with 'I will be travelling'. Sorry for my bad English.
  8. sounds like your GTR's are thirsty bastards 7L/100k

    GS500's have large tanks
    VFR's will do that range depending on how ridden
    along with some other bikes

    i used to do 350K on a vtr250 but of course not the best long distance commuter ;)
  9. I have the same bike and have just done a 1500km weekend.

    It is annoying when the red reserve light comes on at 250, but you can only really squeeze about 12 litres in at that point which means you are only about 2/3rds through the tank and that equates to 360 per tank until you stop.......................but the little light doe sh1t me :LOL: :LOL:

    I have picked up a spare tank and have been toying with the same idea of getting it cut and welded and resprayed ( :idea: I wonder if you could also put a tank mounted fuel guage!!)

    I would also be intereste in your answers.

  10. Yeah that's right, it was on a BMW Dakar. But made of stainless with fittings and welded, would cost quite a few hundred to make. Don't think was much more than five litres or so.
  11. well if u are doing that kind of seroues riding i would be looking at getting something custom made a good option would be smaller separate ad on tanks as u are likley to bin it and may render at least one of your tanks useless.
  12. Hi Jeff,
    I have the same "fear" of red reserve light :) Each day I travel about 60kms from home to work and back home which is about 4 days a week on a single tank and it is annoying when you have to have two petrol station visits within a single week.
    Can you please tell me where did you get spare tank and how much did you pay for it (assume it was second hand). Will call Honda.com.au tomorrow and ask them about new tank, then I might cut, extend, weld, respray current one.
    Hi Zbike,
    Already checked what Google says on "motorcycle custom made petrol tank" and found few very interesting, but expensive too (in UK pounds) custom made tanks. I was hoping that someone already done tank replacement as that would be the cheapest option. Welding will be the last resort.
  13. i would be going to a boil maker and having a talk to them and asking how much to do it. The internet does not know all.
  14. I got it for $200 off ebay, same colour as mine but it has had some repair work that needs completeing (and I am just the man to organise that work.................... :idea: Hmmmm, might PM Bob and have a chat after he has done such a good job of Phizogs fairing)

  15. maybe try asking at the Hornet's Nest whether anyone has made this kind of mod to their Hornet 900?
  16. I can't seem to open Hornest Nest anymore.........maybe off!
  17. I was gonna post same topic on Hornet's nest but forum was down.
  18. Well done Brucey!!!
    Excellent article and definitelly proper way of doing it. I've been thinking about Photoshop and see what impact will this mod have on bike aesthetic.
    Thanks again for the article.
  19. Top effort Brucey :cool:

    Great read and looked great