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Bigger Learner Legal Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Peregrine, Aug 27, 2004.

  1. g'day fellas,

    as much as I love my little ZZR lawnmower I'm thinking about getting an upgrade to something with a little bit more power. I want to do a fair bit of freeway trips (200-600km) and cruise around. Also something for getting through traffic in Sydney.

    Unfortunately I'm not looking for a cruiser (sorry Midnight) even though they are bloody comfortable I'd have to admit.

    I saw a Suzuki GS500F on Saturday and I'm fond of it but I'd like to know whatelse is out there, and how the GS500 fairs up if anyone knows.

    Any suggestions, points, ideas, advice, hints, monetary donations, please feel free :p

    Cheers :)

  2. NSW RTA website has a full list but don't know if same list applies to Canberra perhaps if you check out the website for your local RTA they'll have a list!
  3. I used to have a Suzuki GS500F :p

    They're not too bad really, the best thing about them is that the chassis can't handle the power, even though there isn't much of it. This leads to some 'interesting' handling when you push the things.

    As far as performance goes though, something like an RS250 would spank it. But still, it's a good step-up from a ZZR 250 before you move up to something fast like a sports 600.
  4. Just noticed this post . Dont be sorry Peregrine , im not a cruiser lover .Not that there is anything wrong with them just not my style of riding . Not sure on ur laws there but what about a z650 . Good bike , u just have to muscle it around corners.

    Check my old one out http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v234/midnight1/z650.jpg
  5. Hi peregrine, i ride a GS500 and loved it as my first bike.
    I haven't ridden a great many bikes but find that it handles good and i can still have plenty of fun on the twisties.

    130km sees it at about 6000rpm, reds at 10500ish. Haven't been beaten by many tins but the day will come, enough oof for overtaking and then running off too :p

    I am selling it (enter alterior motive) have it for sale here

    BUT, will change the price on that thread soon, im asking 6000 ono in the paper but sure that's a little high, will happily take a few 100 off if you're interested, depends how nice you are too me :) Gotta new chain and rear wheel has less than 1000k on it.

    PM me if you want more details. Im up the cost in newcastle (would be a nice trip back to ACT) oh and it's naked so insurance is cheapish
  6. i dont know if its learner legal, i doubt it would be far off, but the XJR400 is an awesome little ball tearer :twisted:

    i just got one for Missa as a step up from the GPX, bought it for $2000 as an ex track bike. the thing absolutely hammers for what it is! 200kg and apparently 55hp at the wheel (this one has had a wee bit of work) with the same gearing as i had on my old bandit, means its getting closer to my YZF600 than i thought it would.

    i reckon a little 4 cylinder 400 would be the shot, these buggers are pretty bloody racey, much faster than you'd expect....
  7. hi everyone i have a yame dt 175mx an old one i ride on the beach and the airfild will my insurance go down if i already know and have expireonce on a bike ive been riding since i was 12
  8. Short answer Nup! Depends on age, years of licenced experience, power of the bike & a little thing ins co's do which is extrapolating the likelihood of the rider & that particular bike coming unstuck based on stats! Also the price of spares to repair it has a bearing! What hope have we got?!