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Bigger learner bikes??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Warnsey, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. G'day guys,

    Long time lurker, first time poster.

    Well I have finally fallen to the allure of buying a motorbike. Being a relativity large guy I think I should take advantage of the LAMS and get a slightly bigger bike than a 250 that will tide me over for a couple of years. I'm not really into cruisers. So far I have narrowed it down to:

    Suzuki SV650SU
    Suzuki GS500
    Yamaha XT660
    Honda CB400

    I plan on taking a friend with me to ride the bikes (as I can't yet), however I thought I'd seek any advice/recommendations before taking the plunge.

    And ideas would be appreciated.

  2. G'day Warnesy, and welcome

    Those are all quite different bikes from each other, and all good bikes, so it will come down to the two issues of what you want to use it for and what captures your heart.

    You might need to clarify what 'bigger guy' means: tall, heavy or both? I don't get much change out of 100 kg but I'm only 173 cm tall, so the XT might be a stretch for me height-wise though it's a great bike.

    If I was picking a bike for me the SV is the pick of that list, but I don't know whether you plan to commute, tour, race, ride on dirt, etc.

    Hope this is helpful in some way - and hope you at least get to sit on each and get a sense of it.
  3. G'day mate and thanks for the reply. I'm 6'2 and around the 100kg mark.

    I am basically looking for more of a 'fun' bike that will get it's majority of use in the valleys and mountains around the Canberra area. It will do a bit of commuting but that's about it. I can't foresee any racing or to much dirt.
  4. what about the GSX650FU? (heheh I said f you heheheh)

    If it isn't touching dirt, then I would steer clear of the Xt, it isn't exactly a commuter...

    couple of weeks ago, a friend (on an 650 Sv) and me (on my thou SV) did a 12km graded gravel rd... and it was ok... but then it's the same as taking any rd bike on dirt...

    If you want primarily commuting and fun weekends, go for the Sv or the GSXF or the Cb :)
  5. The XT660X (motard version) would be fun on the tar, and you've got the height for it. The GSXF is a nice bike but quite heavy, which might be an issue at walking pace for an absolute beginner.