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Bigger is better

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Aug 21, 2005.

  1. In 1978 Kawasaki showed that if Honda and Benelli could build six-cylinder bikes, so could they. At the Cologne Motor Show in Germany they debuted the mighty Z1300 Six. I remember reading the first road test reports when the bike was released to the US press in, appropriately, Death Valley, California, and Cook Neilsen of Cycle magazine being sworn to secrecy about the bikes actual weight when it tipped 297 kgs, or around 709 lbs with a full fuel tank and all lubricants.
    Despite this, the 1300 gained wide acceptance among the US "Super-Slab" touring fraternity, with its super smooth motor and shaft drive and endless torque. It continued largely unchanged for an unprecedented (for a Japanese manufacturer) 12 years, dropping out of production in late 1989.
    The "Pipe Organ", as it was known here, raced several times, most notably in the long-distance race that was part of the Bathurst Easter Carnival. After 3 hours Gary Thomas wrestled the bike into second place, having worn through both outside headers as it flipped from side to side down through the Dipper, sending up showers of sparks in the darkening (and eventually rainy) conditions. I remember standing in the Dipper with the flaggies, and wondering what would happen if Gary had fallen off, and how many of us would be needed to pick it back up again!!!
    Here's its UK fan-site; http://www.z1300.co.uk/

  2. Still a damn sexy bike, even today. This type of bike attracts me...like a moth to a flame...:LOL:...it's because it's something unusual, you don't see many of them about, or in good nick, not many people had or have one. Mmm but three hundred kilos...you'd never want to drop that!
  3. Yep, love the fact they had the balls to do something different.

    CBX 1000, was probably a bit neeter bike.

    then theres the Laverda v6.

    I think a narrow longitudinal v6 or a tranvers v6 could work well in a bike. Or marbe even a square 6
  4. This was a bit different url=http://www.ozebook.com/mcnews/mgV8/MotoGuzziV8.htm]Guzzi V8 race bike[/url]
  5. Saw a couple of z1300s at a car show once that had been converted to trikes though I didn't have a close look at how the rear end was set-up. It was at least one way of making the lack of lean angle caused by the straight-6 into a non-issue anyway.
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  7. whatever does it for ya mate.... :shock: :LOL:
  8. Of course, the Z1300 had the distinction of being the longest-lasting Japanese model, having been produced in almost unchanged form for 17 years, if I recall.

    My apologies to the people who posted links to the Laverda V6 and the Moto Guzzi V8 this week.

    I only just read this post after I had posted separate threads about both these bikes. Sorry.