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Bigger Chinese Bike

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by mattb, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. I was in Motorcycle City today, my favourite bike store, chewing the fat and and trying out handlebars. Anyway, I had a chat about this thing: http://www.motorcycle-city.com.au/bikes.html A 400cc single rego'd dirt bike. Nice to see the Chinese are getting into some bigger stuff, at Chinese prices. Will be interesting to see what people's experience of the quality is.... Would also be interesting to know if they based the engine on a Japanese something (that could be bolted in if need be).

    4 Stroke, 4 valve engine
    Electric start, water cooled
    Disc brake front & Rear
    Ride away (Vic only)

  2. Although I welcome greater choice in bikes, I'm not convinced that $5,500 is that great a price. For $2k more, you can get a brand spanking DR650 with 250ccs extra and no question marks over its quality. For $5.5k, you can get a shiny one with <10,000kms up and maybe a few extras.

    It does look quite smart though, and appears to be water cooled. I'd be interested to ride one.
  3. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing: I'd go a used DR. Still, it's good to see the variety happening....

    I must say, I'm seeing a lot of Chinese bikes on the road now. I'm guessing many of them are new to bikes and don't have the ingrained (or rather educated) biases of the rest of us...
  4. I'm also seeing more on the road, mostly the various flavours of ~200cc trailie that seems to be the staple offering in the non-scooter segment. I passed one going up Greenmount Hill the other day. He was struggling to hold even close to the 80 limit up the 10% grade. That's disappointing, even by the standards of the assorted 70s Jap tackle (CD175/185/200, Z200, RS200) I used to be painfully familiar with, any of which would have maintained that speed comfortably. Or maybe he hadn't yet learned that the only way to make a tiddler go is to rev its little potatoes off :D.
  5. this one doesn't look like it but I have seen some things that look like copies of DR400s and variation of.

    Send miss Kitty Han a message

    There are also some 400cc version of the xv535 going around, which given LAMS I'm suprised haven't made it to Aus.
  6. They look ok for the price... I was interested in those Puzey ones a while ago, but since Stoney Creek went under, I don't think anyone's importing them any more.

    Front wheel looks a bit big for a motard though?
  7. its not a motard, would be dual sport in the same frame as a dr650.
  8. I work with a guy who has a Puzey.

    You can't buy oil filters for them.

    No shit.
  9. Really? That's ****ed.

    They actually have an oil filter right? Not a mesh screen like the CB250?

  10. Yeah they do, that's the problem. They're this ****ed up size and last I heard he was trying to make one out of a similar filter. That was a while ago... I'll ask him tomorrow about what he did. It's a shame because otherwise he said it was a ripper of a thing.