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Bigger bike for learner

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Hicksey11, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys. This has probably been posted a million times before and I'm sorry. But I need to get this question answered for my friend who is buying his first on road motorbike.
    My friend has ridden motorbikes before and has got the knack of riding on the road with traffic, yada yada yada...

    He is one of the fortunate few that can afford to buy a brand newy and that is what he wants, so please don't talk about buying second hand.

    Since I am only new to motorbikes aswell I don't have the knowledge to tell him which way to go or not to go.

    Anyways these are the bikes that are in the category he's looking for (If I have missed any please put them on here)
    Note: They are all bigger bikes, not 250cc





    This is all we have come up with so far. Although some of you may ark up, he is leaning towards the Hyosung GT650R because our local dealer sells them and does some pretty good deals.


  2. He should probably start with deciding which style he wants.


    Then look at the bikes that fit into the category he's interested in. Then he should go look and if possible sit on them all, then test ride the ones he likes from that.
  3. i think regardless what we say here, he will make up his own mind what he will buy after sitting on a few
  4. does it have to be a LAMS bike?

    edit: ah, saw the title
  5. Also the Yamaha XJ6N isnt LAMS approved. Id have one if it was lol
  6. Husqvarna SM610 Tard.

    LAMS approved and all :D
  7. If money wasn't an option i would without a doubt have a SV650 lams in my garage, but it all depends on what style your friend wants.
  8. Whatever he buys he'll need enough left over for propper gear and insurance. If he buys new he could do a good deal on the extras if it all came from the one place :wink:

    New = confidence or competence :?
  9. Australian Road Rider have a LAMS special in their latest issue, which may be of some use to you.
  10. your location says australia, um be aware the Hyosung in qld arent lams approved. but they are in other states.
  11. Thanks for the reply everyone.

    1. He mainly wants a sports bike or sports/touring.
    2. He lives in NSW
    3. I thought I read something about Xj6's being LAMS approved?

    If anyone could tell me what there experience has been like with different brands that would also help. Stuff like customer support and warranty etc.


  12. I also read in motorcycle news that QLD are trying to get other states to dump restricted models like the hyosung froms LAMS due to the apparent ease of derestricting them

    This is what was written in amcn,
    "If queensland gets its way, all Australian states and territories will have to scrap low-powered variants of high powered motorcycles off their learner approved motorcycle (LAMS) lists, with the state believing it's far too easy for learner riders to derestrict the motorcycles.
    With no consultation with manufacturers, riders groups or the federal chamber of automotive industries (FCAI), Queensland changed it's list of approved motorcycles 19 days after it implemented the scheme.
    A spokesperson from Queensland's Department of transport and main roads told AMCN that all jurisdictions will follow it's example."Austroads is providing advice in writing to the FCAI, and the department of infrastructure transport, regional development of the decision to exclude the low powered variants from LAM schemes in all jurisdictions,"
    the spokesman said. "the learner approved motorcycles contained within the qld list reflect the national agreement. When other jurisdictions have undertaken the process all lists will be consistent."
    thats all i can be assed bothering to copy, it was just followed up with the FCAI's spokesman Ray newland saying the industry has received no consultation from Austroads , and the australian motorcycle councils shaun lennard saying they had no idea Austroads was working on a national LAMS list until that week.
    Could be a pain in the butt for plenty of people with the hyosung 650 or the suzuki gladius lams if they bring in this nationwide, or could just be scaremongering to sell magazines, but is something to think of in resale value if it is bought in and he suddenly has a brand new restricted bike that can't be idden and is now highly reduced in value. was in amcn vol 59 No 02 22 july-4 august 2009
  13. RTA LAMS List

    If it's name's not down it's not coming in!
  14. GSX650F ..re chip it when he's off the restrictions.
  15. Actually it probably wouldnt work out to bad for current owners. gov will do same thing they always do and apply it to all models bought after implementation date. so the owners of the last generation of bikes that can be derestricted will probably have an improved resale value. i cant imagine qld actually having any sway over other state governments.
  16. Ok. So he has finally decided between 4 bikes.

    Suzuki SV650SU
    Kawasaki 650R Ninja
    Hyosung GT650R
    Hyosung GT650S

    He is going to go and have a sit on all of them in the next week or so. Hyo's first because the local power equipment place sells them, but they are like $1500-$2000 dearer than RRP. WTF? Then the Suzi then Kwaka.

    Has anyone had any experience with any of these four bikes? If so please post you experiences, it will all help in him making his final decision.


  17. The hyosungs are good bikes but compared to the jap stuff, build quality just isnt there.

    The SV would be my pick. My mother has the non restriced one, but its a real good bike.
  18. I've had a Hyo 650 Comet since getting my L's earlier this year. It's now unrestricted and awesome value for money. You need a bit of self confidence to rock up on a Hyo anywhere with more than two bikers, but once everyone's had a crack about your ride, it's all sweet.

    It takes me from A to B with a smile on my face every time; is probably the largest L bike around (I am 184cm); has not yet had any mechanical problems (I did replace the stock brake pads); is cheap and I feel safe and competent on it; I am far from pushing it to its limits. I did fit a National Screens windshield which is a huge improvement.

    And yes, build quality is not German or Japanese. But I suppose that comes with the price tag...Would I buy one again? No - way too many great bikes out there to try! Would I recommend one for a newbie? Absolutely.
  19. Thats like charging $100 for a roll of no frills toilet paper :LOL:

    Stay away from the hyos, they've proven to have inconsistant build quality.

    Go for the SV LAMS and never look back!