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bigger bike... 600, 750 or 1000???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by prilia, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. hey guys/girls...

    i currently own a rs 250 and im lookin to go bigger... have been riding it for near on 18months now and rode dirt bikes for 15 years...

    now my problem is;
    i seem to see alot of nobs that get 1000 and they cant lean them down at all.. which makes me think that i should get something a little lighter, BUT i also want more power than the rs, as its starting to feel slow...
    this has made me think maybe i should get a 600, but i want to know the difference between somethin like an r6 to an r1...

    last point is the gsxr 750, i would also like to know what they are like handling / power compared to the 1000 and also weight difference...

    thanks guys..
  2. i reckon the new 600's is what you want.

    i have a 96 model zx7r. so even tho its a 750, it doesn't feel as quick as an r6, because it isn't. it weighs way to much. all the old bikes weigh to much i reckon. my bike weighs over 200kg, the r6 is about 168kg. so there is about 40kg difference!! its huge.

    u can still lean the heavy bikes over thru the corners, it has nothing to do with weight, its only when you are moving it around at low speed u even feel it. its also nice having the extra weight when you hit bumps and stuff on the road and the handling is smooth and easy for people stepping up to big bikes like me.

    but if money wasn't an issue, i'd be on a newer 600, with plenty of power and light weight, you'll notice the difference, even from the rs250 i reckon.
  3. If you're bored with rs250 power, the thou is probably a good option.

    You need to test ride them to see.
  4. Personally I wouldn't get a 600 because I am tall and weigh 85-90 kg's and I don't think it would suit my style of riding. I have been riding the CBR900 for a while now but although smaller capacity am leaning towards getting a new Daytona 675 or GSXR 750. I think these 2 would probably be faster anyway and they sure would handle better.
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  6. yes i have seen that and did read it...

    very good review altho u confused me a little wen u were talkin about riding behind yourself lol...

    i guess what i want to know about is the 750's, weather or not they're a happy medium between the both, with that lil bit more power yet still got the feelin of being able to 'throw it around'
  7. everyone talks about the 750 being the perfect bike for the road and would have to agree. The 1litre is a difficult bike to throw around in the twisties and the 750 has useable power for the street.
  8. why not get a ZX14, or 'busa?
  9. The last of the zx9's even
  10. Reviews have said that the 750 is a powered up version of the 600. I love it and so does my bf even though he's got his own 1000.
  11. why you asking others. if you got you full bike license just head down to the bikes shops and take all the bikes for a ride. that is the only way you gonna know what you like and want.
  12. cause i dont have my full license just yet...
  13. well then, why you selling your 250 then. who says that you need to jump up a size right away. why not keep your current bike for a while until you get the chance to ride all the bikes. or are you planning to ride the bigger bike without the proper license.
  14. You should know how much power you want. Very very fast? Go the 600. Light speed? 1000.

    If you want to know which will be easier to learn on (and learn faster), I'd have to say the 600 first. Maybe buy a 600 for a bargain, learn on that for a year, then sell it and get a thou. If you get one for a bargain and sell it at a good price you really won't be losing much money, if any at all.
  15. ive had a bit of a look around, and a read i think im goin to go to the 750...

    goosh, ive been on the 250 for long enough now and can touch knees on the ground etc etc.. still got about 8 months left till restrictions are taken off but im planning on riding anyways... i think its only a fine so thats ok...

    thanks for the help guys...
  16. :popcorn:
  17. Hehe so true.

    prilia, yes its just a fine if you're in victoria. But you wont be insured, so yeah.. dont crash into anything/anyone too expensive :wink:
  18. That's not a very good measure of skill / technique.

    If you're using all the power all the time on your rs (and the rs is in good condition) then maybe the 675 / 750 or bigger is the go.

    But if you're going to ride a bike you're not licensed for then be prepared to listen to lots of people tell you that you're the downfall of society (and they might well be right).
  19. I've met guys who can ride a 400cc 4-stroke every bike as quickly (or more quickly in fact) on the road as anyone else I've ever met on any larger capacity bike, barring certain specific scenarios.

    The RS250, as a bike, has it all over any 400cc 4-stroke, so changing the bike won't be of any huge benefit if that's what you're looking for. There's actually a certain joy, and no small measure of real skill, to be able to wring the most out of a bike at every opportunity.

    You can wring the throttle to the stop in a straight line on pretty much any bike. There's no skill in that. The light weight of the RS250, coupled with its ~60hp or so, means that up to 200kph or so that no supersport will offer a real straight advantage. If they are, then the problem is the rider.

    Litre bikes can offer scary power, meaning that on the public road at least that the rider is almost always managing the power delivery. You're never really able to ride the bike to its full potential. Some people like the idea of that on paper, but in practise it can be less fun that it sounds. There's real joy in demanding the most that the bike can deliver at every opportunity, and the current crop of supersports are about every bit as powerful, but with less weight, as the legendary CBR900RR from 1992 that used to scare the pants off people.

    If you want drivability around town, the Daytona 675, and the GSX-R750 will offer that, but oddly enough, with the 675 being more flexible. Top end power on both is more than 99% of people can ever honestly use (once again - after applying the anyone can go fast in a straight-line rule).

    The 600cc I4's tend to be a little weedy in the mid-range, requiring a bit more work. Whereas the 750 and the 675 will offer you 2 or 3 gears that you can use at any time, the 600 I4's will offer you 1 or 2. The more modern 600's (eg. 2007 CBR600, or 2008 R6) are better than the older 600's though.

    Hope that helps.
  20. You should be able to get over 70 ponies at the wheel out of the 'prilla with a little work, maybe that's worth looking at if you haven't already done so? Cheaper and still legal. I guess the 'need' for a very high powered bike is there in all of us, maybe it goes away when we learn to ride :LOL:

    As to the 250 2T having it all over any 400 4T, well...


    There's not much in it (see the ' SUPPORT CLASSES' section).