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Big wrap on RJays neck warmer / balaclava.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mickyb V9, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. I bought myself an RJays neck warmer with the lycra head piece, and I must say its the best $20 spent. !

    With winter around the corner, I gave it a test this morning riding to work and I must say I was pretty warm even with the visor open.

    Its a bit of a task putting it on since its designed for open-face helmets and you have to position the lycra head part slightly above the forehead so when you put your helmet on it drags it just right on your forehead. The head piece also holds in place the ear buds to my Ipod quite nicely.

    The neck warmer can be positioned higher to double up as a face-mask also. So when following buses in the bus lanes, it becomes easier to breathe with the diesel exhaust. Can't wait until Sydney Buses rolls out the new CNG (compressed natural gas) buses !! . . .

    Overall it scores a 8/10 !

    Just remember to not wear it on its own, you can be mistaken as a Special Ops SWAT dude or a kalishanov dangling bomb vest stone throwing militant ! :grin: . . . . which is kinda cool also !
  2. Thanks Micky I know what I'm buying at lunch time, it's damn cold in Melbourne at the moment. :shock:
  3. they are good i have exactly the same one.. :grin:
  4. There called a Neck-a-clava There great :grin:
  5. Yeah guys i have been using one during winter (i live in the southern highlands nsw minus temps common ) best thing ever and i'm ashamed to admit i use heated handgrips they make a huge difference ! :grin:
  6. I brought a neck warmer the other week from actions. I think it is a dri-rider and I found it was a challenge to get it over my scone (no comments needed) and it is a very tight fit around my neck. It is one size fits all as well.

    I found when wearing mine, I could not get my head as far around when doing a head check.

    How does your fit Micky?

    No such dramas?
  7. hey Mark,
    yeah, it fits perfect and not too restrictive.

    With the extra length on the neck warmer, I tuck it under the collar of my jacket making it very cozy.

    You said you bought it from Action Parra?
    . . . . . bloody Tim !!! :LOL:

    nah, only kidding . . . I wonder if Tim reads on this forum.
    He appeared at the Brewery on tuesday night and told him about the forum, he might be lurking . . . .
  8. Thanks Micky

    I am going to pop down to Bikebiz this afternoon on my way home from work to look at gloves, maybe another jacket and whatever other goodies are on sale. I might look for something like you have and be a little more careful around the south western suburbs of Sydney. :)

  9. Don't forget the Netrider neck warmer too!!!
  10. Walk around the block to MCA (the yellow building) on Church St.
    I got mine from there last night.

    They have other types there which you might find better.
  11. Thanks Micky

    I will do that if i can find parking.

  12. Every year I can't find my balaclava from the year before and end up buying a new one. :)