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Big white thing suddenly occupying the same lane as me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Turnip, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. I was riding through the middle of the city a few minutes ago on my way to the office when the driver of a courier van suddenly decided he wanted to be in the same place as me. My first thought was "This is bad... I need this space to live, and I don't really want to give it up." My second thought was "Crap, I'm going to die," which was shortly replaced by "no, actually, I'm ok as long as I don't fall over."

    Somehow I managed to find my horn, and stay on it as he collided with my arm. He realised what was happening at this point and moved back into his own lane, and I opened my throttle and got out of the way.

    I slowed down to sit next to him at the next set of lights, and he sounded rather shaken, so I made sure he was ok and then took off. Didn't muck around after that - I split past every car that gave me room until I was at the front of the row and stayed there until I got to the office.

    I've only been riding for a few months, but right now I really appreciate all my years of driving and the way I've trained myself not to react emotionally to anything that happens on the road. Can't always control what other people do, but if I hadn't kept my head I'd be lying on the side of the road waiting for an ambulance now instead of sitting here.

    Anyway, I'd better get back to work.

  2. Glad to see you survived dude, must've been quite the brown trouser moment.

    Also nice to see that you didn't end up in a fist fight with the driver. Sounds like he made an honest mistake and regretted it afterwards. Group hug.
  3. good attitude to have, and good to hear that you got out of it alright.. even if it was a bit of brown trousers time...

    Thank god you didn't panic and hit the starter instead of the horn... not that i've done that... ever :oops: :oops: :oops:
  4. sounds like your lucky day.... one thing i try never to do is sit next to vans/trucks/hiaces etc... all have limited vision.. in fact i also try to ride slightly quicker then the traffic to avoid these sorts of coming togethers....that also probably explains the number i points i have left too :cry:
  5. Glad to hear you are ok.
    An almost identical thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago (it was a car though and he KNEW he was coming across at me.)

    You sound like you have a good attitude, well done.
  6. It really seems to be the week for it, I have occasionaly had people lanechange into me with no indication, but in the last two days have had it happen about 5 times (And no I was not sitting beside them and I had escape routs)

    Good to hear you got clear of it one piece. i personaly think vans are the most dangerous things on the roads. They move like cars and have the lack of vision like a truck.
  7. I've hit the lights when I went for the horn, and vice-versa plenty of times. I got lucky this time though.

    I've also hit the horn (while caged) and had it explode on me. Stupid airbag...

    I didn't have too many options as to where to sit. I was passing him, but there were cars ahead so I couldn't do it too quickly. And sitting behind him would have put me at risk of being hit by someone else instead - it was rather heavy traffic. But I did what I was taught, and sat where he could see me in his wing mirror. Shame he didn't check it though.

    There's never any point to getting in a fight with someone. I get pretty angry when I see people on the road who clearly got their license out of a cornflakes packet and aren't prepared to invest any effort into learning how to drive, but this guy was a professional driver, who acted professionally, took responsibility for his mistake and most importantly, was driving well within the safety envelope meaning that even though he hit me, I wasn't hurt. If he'd swerved hard to take advantage of what he thought was a big enough gap I'd have been in trouble.
  8. Glad to hear all good.

    Had the same happen, but had room to move, we both wanted to get around slow moving traffic, all perfectly legal he just decided 2 seconds after me. Did the same both waved to say all's cool, no need to take it further. Lucky ended up I knew the bloke.
  9. :LOL: :LOL:

    that is kind of like a slapstick movie...
  10. Not sure I entirely agree, a profesional driver acting profesionaly would have checked his mirrors. Maybe it is not worth getting into a fight over but is sure worth a word or two "hey learn to check your mirrors or you'll end up with someones life on your consence" or something along those lines.
  11. Similar thing happened to me today.

    Coming along Frankston Fwy, CLEARLY not lane splitting, in the left hand lane, and right wheel track.

    Was just putting along for a while, all's fine. All of a sudden out of the corner of my left eye I see a red car that had been BEHIND me for quite a while, NEXT to me.

    I turned my head slightly, looked at him, shook my head and he dropped back. I then proceeded to move more centre so he couldn't do it again.

    Retard :evil:
  12. Wow, sounds scary

    Glad to hear you are okay and good to know that the driver realised the error of his ways, rather than be a looser about the whole incident
  13. Ok, maybe he was acting profesionally negligent ;)

    Hopefully he'll learn from this and next time he wants to change lanes he'll look twice first.
  14. Bloody Frankston, never happen in Mt Martha,

    well except at least a couple of times a week on the mooroduc hwy. :mad:
  15. awww, C'mon guys...the driver of the Van made a mistake, by the sounds of it. (hands up all those here who have never merged lanes without realizing there was a vehicle of some sort beside them)
    Try as we may, it still happens - that's why we need to be wary, and have the calmness to not react other than to protect ourselves....and then get over it quickly so we are'nt distracted by thoughts of what happened a few k's behind us.

    Turnip...good job...may I suggest you forget the tempation to blow your horn, just in case it takes up too much change out of the $10, that you might need to put elsewhere, mate. :)
  16. Couldn't have been a local, he'd never have moved back... :LOL:
  17. *chuckles*

    Yeah...you've got a point there :p :twisted:
  18. Sometimes that'd be true, but in this case if I hadn't blown my horn, he'd have kept coming. The trick was to make the horn happen without thinking about it, and leave my brain free to get out of trouble.

    Had I been on a bigger bike on a less crowded road, and been half a metre further forward when he hit, I would have just opened the throttle.

    Very valid point though - horn is for getting you out of danger, not for asserting yourself. Inertia doesn't care who had right of way.
  19. And that is why my bike now sports a 140db Stebel horn.
  20. Not a bad idea... can I ask how much that set you back?